Toppers on how they studied

Toppers on how they studied

From playing basketball to practising dance, they did many things as they prepared hard for their board exams

(From left) Usha Shashibhushana (mother) , Darshith S and Shashibhushan Reddy(father

ICSE and CBSE Class 10 results were announced earlier this week. Metrolife spoke to some toppers at city schools to understand what contributed to their success.    

'Aiming for IIT' 

Amulya A R
RNS Vidyaniketan School

I could have scored better and am a little disappointed with what I got. I play badminton and indoor games, which keep my mind fresh. Our teachers started preparing us for the board exams right from Class 9. They made us familiar with important terms right from the beginning, making it easier for us. I used to complete revising portions covered every day. Ravikumar, Amulya’s father: She has made us proud. She is now enrolled for IIT coaching in Bengaluru.

'Consistency helped me'

Sanat Arora Kuruganti
National Public School (Koramangala)

I began extensive preparation only in the last few months. The preparations towards the exams were focused and consistent. I continued to play basketball. I never stressed too much because I studied throughout the year and kept at it. Poonam Arora Kuruganti, Sanat’s mother: I never put pressure on him but always insisted he is organised and prepare well. We have reiterated there is no shortcut to success. The family has contributed to his success, and I gave up a job to be with the children. We have always made sure we spent enough time with our children, and they slept on time and ate healthy. These things are equally important.

'Want to become an ortho'

Aniruddha Das
CMR National Public School

I aimed for 95% and was working towards scoring well. I knew I had to believe in myself or none of this would happen. I started preparing well in advance. Closer to the final date, I chalked out a timetable. Solving previous years’ question papers helped. My friends have been asking for a party so it might happen soon. Apart from that, I am just relaxing. I’ve had a tough couple of months, but I have no regrets because I have scored well. I plan to pursue medicine and do orthopaedics. As for my hobbies, I like to bake. I am a good bathroom singer and enjoys dancing.

‘Studied in advance'

Darshith S
Gopalan International School

I always studied in advance. I think this practice helped. I used to read before the teachers taught in class, and practise once the syllabus was covered. Thus, the more I practised, the more I mastered the subject. Shashibushan Reddy, Darshith’s father: It is the hard work. He used to study with dedication.

'Academics with sports'
Vibhanshu Bhagat
Ekya School, JP Nagar

The frequent tests in school helped a lot. I would study at a stretch and divide my time between academics and sports activities. I was the captain of the basketball team in school and that was an added boost. I felt a bit of healthy pressure from parents, and that is always
good. I hope to take up computer science and do engineering thereafter. Vaneeta, Vibhanshu’s mother says he was always into sports and that helped him focus on academics.
“It is important for kids to score well because of the competition. It gives them a chance to prove themselves,” she adds.

‘I am not a morning person’

Mohammed Abubakr
St Joseph’s Boys’ High School

I am thrilled to have fulfilled his parent’s dreams. He was confident of a good score because of my consistent performance in school. I started studying only a month before the exams. I used to study for 10 to 12 hours a day and took breaks in between. I am not a morning person. Most of my serious studying happens only after 7 pm. I want to become a surgeon.’