Voice trainer's album about conflicting personalities

Voice trainer to release album about conflicting personalities

Divya R T

Divya R T, who worked as a chemistry lecturer with the Mount Carmel College, quit a full-time job to chase her passion — a vocal coach/entrepreneur. Three years into the field, she is now a certified voice therapist.  She is all set to release her first album, titled, ‘The Other Me.’

Divya explains, “The new album is about conflicting personalities due to societal pressures and conditioning. Personally for me, I like to be as real and free as possible with people I interact with. But it so happens that we choose to compromise once in a while to please our loved ones. It may seem alright, but it subconsciously kills some part of us.” She says that this song stems from her own experience.

“The highlight is alter egos; how our imagination of finding solace in them might not always make us feel good. However, the song ends on a positive note,”she adds. 

The lyrics are written by Divya, which she managed to write in just 20 minutes. She says that she wrote what she felt at that time. “It contains rap and melody. While I sing and train people in different styles and genres and sing in different Indian languages myself, my greatest musical inspiration has come from rap and hip hop,” she explains. 

Her background as a science lecturer helped her understand her new profession with ease. “I love science, especially voice science because I am a singer. I understand the value of fine-tuning the renditions and general vocal output. This improves confidence as well,” she adds.

As a part of her training, Divya studied vocal trauma and the issues faced as a result of it. “Many do not know how to use the voice in a healthy manner and in the long run end up facing issues with vocalisation. However, in many cases, this is reversible and that is the beauty of the human body; its agility is priceless. At the end of the day, while this is professional training, it is also a service that gives me great satisfaction,” she concludes.  For more details log onto www.voxcoach.in 


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