What are Bengaluru’s favourite street foods?

What are Bengaluru’s favourite street foods?

From Mangalore buns to bun omelettes, here are some cheap and delicious bites you can have on-the-go

In dosa carts, traditional dosas are served withunconventional fillings to make a unique snack.

Every city boasts of its street food culture and every one of them has the right to do so. Bengaluru too has some dishes you can gorge on, no matter what the weather outside is like. 

Apart from roadside vendors that we see at every corner, there are streets that are dedicated just for special delicacies. It doesn’t matter which part of the city you’re living in, but making a trip to have these oily, hot and delicious snacks is what has made Bengaluru food culture so popular. 

Mangalore Buns is one such delicacy that many look for. It’s one of those snacks that’s available only at a few places and for a few hours. The Udupi-Mangalore cuisine is popular for its mildly sweet taste that resembles fluffy puris. Since it’s made with all-purpose flour and banana, the best accompaniment is coconut chutney. However, many like to have it without any accompaniments. Oh, and it’s one of those snacks you can have as a meal. 

Hot bajjis are always a favourite. Whether you’re stuck in the office or at home, ready to have your evening cup of tea, the craving for hot bajjis is pretty natural. The variety of things you can turn into a hot, sizzling bajji is absolutely amazing. Onions, potato, raw banana or even leftover dal rolled into balls and fried, is too hard to resist. But being in Bengaluru, chilli bajji aka menasinakai bajji has to be the all-time favourite.  

The vibrant evening culture of the city also sees many variety of dosa carts take over the streets. A couple of years ago, one could have found this only in select parts of the city. Now, most of them have digital boards inviting customers to stop and choose a dosa of their choice. From cheese, corn, maggi, peas and Chinese-style dosa, the options are many. Pizza dosas are also a popular choice among many. Who would have thought the humble dosa would be modernised so much!

A wholesome meal that is part of the Bengaluru street food can be had at the momo stalls. Be it vegetable or chicken filling, it’s mostly the chutney that makes it so delicious. Not every street vendor has cracked the perfect chutney recipe. The spiciness, along with a tinge of tanginess and sweetness, makes it so good. And the best part? Some of them serve a clear-broth soup with it too. Street momos are extremely pocket-friendly and one of those food items you know will get delivered within a few minutes of ordering.

Bengaluru foodies also love their pav bhaji. Though it’s not a dish that’s originally from here, it has become one of those dishes you go to when the Bengaluru weather is so good. The joy of watching the cook add a heap of butter on the hot tawa and to heat the masala is absolutely wonderful. Though it’s usually in a small set-up, the aroma of the food is lip-smacking; it is like you can taste it even before you are handed the hot plate. Oh, and the pav that’s toasted with more butter — it’s very hard to talk about it without salivating.

Bun omelettes are a classic in the city. It’s an extremely simple snack that you can easily make it at home. But it’s probably the noise of the street, the fierce beating of the eggs in a steel glass and the drama behind making it on the streets makes it a favourite for many. Bread toasted with butter till almost crispy and the masala omelette that’s sandwiched in between with a cup of tea or coffee is hard to resist.