Eight ways to ring out 2018 

Eight ways to ring out 2018 

Stuck with no year-end plans? Despair not. Metrolife brings you fun activities you can indulge in without too much planning

Spend some quality time at Cubbon Park.

So you have no travels plans, and no idea how to spend your year-end break? You could laze around at home, but Christmas is a good time to go out and do fun things. Metrolife brings you suggestions to make your holiday season interesting.  

Picnic in Cubbon Park 
What better way to spend your holiday than to sit amid lush greenery and under a tree canopy in the heart of the city? Cubbon Park lets you breathe in fresh air while you spend quality time with family and friends. Organise a Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE) picnic. If you have pets, don’t forget to take them along. Cubbon Park has a dedicated space for them.

Ride a bike 
Put on your riding jacket, strap on your helmet and get ready to head out. 
There is nothing more thrilling than going on a bike ride to places you have never been to. Be it Shivanasamudram Falls (140 km), Kabini river (209 km), Savandurga, (50 km) or Avalabetta (94 km), choose your destination. And leave Bengaluru behind!

Go to a five-star spa

Go to a five-star spa 

For some, there’s nothing more relaxing than visiting a spa. And if that comes with the luxury of a five-star hotel, your weekend is sorted. Hotels such as The Den are offering winter spa therapies till January 31. A 45-minute detox session is priced at Rs 2,799 plus taxes. JW Marriott has a ‘healing package’ that includes 60 minutes of spa treatment and 60 minutes of facial at Rs 6,999 plus taxes. That’s from December 26 to January 31.

Plan a staycation
Spending a night at a posh hotel is another way to make your year-end memorable. With the concept of staycation becoming popular, many options are open.

From five-star hotels like The Oberoi (one-night stay for two with breakfast, Internet, 15 per cent discount on spa and early check-in and late check-out for Rs 9,000 (plus tax) for a couple to JW Marriott (New Year’s Eve party, one-night stay followed by breakfast at Rs 19,499 or Rs 15,999 (plus tax) for a couple.

Watch classic movie
Call your friends over, order some beverages, and get started with a classic movie marathon. From Jaws (1975), Star Wars (1977) and When Harry Met Sally (1989) to The Ring (2002) and Madagascar (2005), pick all-time favourites and binge on them. Mix and match with movies in other languages. Don’t forget to take a break and stretch!

Rearrange your home
If being at home suits you best, make it interesting. Rearrange your furniture or redecorate your interiors. Since it’s winter, plan a cosy set-up. Discard what you don’t want, and you will find your house much more spacious.

Write out your bucket list 
Create a list of things that you want to do or achieve in the new year. It keeps you motivated. The satisfaction you get the moment you tick off a task is something you must experience. So, pen down your list. Your time starts now.

Visit an orphanage 
This is also the festival of giving, and you can choose to spend time at an orphanage or old age home. This gesture makes people feel special. Don’t forget to take along some goodies.