Here’s how to escape bro-zone

Here’s how to escape bro-zone

Dread the day your love interest comes sashaying to tie a rakhi on your wrist and dash your hopes? Here’s help. You’re welcome

It’s that time of the year when the girls go shopping for bright rakhis to tie on their brothers’ wrists. Sure, brothers love all the attention, but it’s not such a happy occasion for boys who unwittingly become ‘Rakhi brothers’ to girls they are eyeing.

Want to smartly escape the charade and not get bro-zoned this year? Metrolife asked around for tips from pros who have found ways around the platonic knot.

Flee from your crush

Okay, you aren’t brave enough to tell your love interest how you feel about her.

When she starts walking towards you with those strings, run for your life. Take whichever direction but avoid heading towards her. If this happens at school or college---this time Rakshabandhan is on a Sunday, thankfully--- explain it away later by saying you were summoned to the staffroom.  

Restroom for peace

This again is for when you’re on the campus and see the girls fidgeting with their bags to bring out those rakhis and say good’bhai’ to your hopes and dreams. Head to the restroom and wait it out so that they give up and leave.

Be very careful, the ladies could be waiting around patiently. Know your exit routes.

Cross your fingers!

Nope, this one isn’t for good luck. So, if you are in a situation where you have to let your girlfriend or love interest tie the rakhi on your wrist, just cross your fingers as if cancelling the knot out. While you would have pleased your family or friends with your goofy smile and sweet brother act, you can still walk guilt-free as you didn’t approve of it.

Cast away

No, we’re not talking about Tom Hanks or how to survive on an island. The trick is to say you broke your right arm in an accident, and show the cast as proof. You could fake some aaaahs and sighs to make it all believable. No self-respecting girl would tie a knot on a cast.

Go incommunicado

No other way than to run away? Then do just that. Since Rakshabandhan is on a Sunday, there are high chances your dream girl and gang will drop by to tie rakhis in front of your family. Tell your dear ones you need a break, switch off your mobile phone and take off for a trekking trip to Nandi Hills.

Loose ties

Some schools and peer groups observe the day every year and you have to go with the flow. Dating someone and your peers don’t know about it yet? Can’t tell family or friends yet about your bae? Give her a heads up and tell her to tie the ‘rakhi’ loosely, signifying cancelling out the ritual.

Overprotective sister!

Suspect the girl will see through your excuses? Tell her the best and most believable one possible. “My sister is over-protective, and doesn’t like me having any ‘rakhi sisters’. She is the centre of attention today. I would love to have you as a friend though.” Build on from there.

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