Man in car pulled out a gun…

Man in car pulled out a gun…

Tomorrow is Friendship Day, and best buddies in the movie industry talk about their crazy moments

Anup, Krishi and Vinay.

It’s Friendship Day this Sunday. Close friends are not just about sharing happy moments but also about understanding annoying habits and sharing awkward memories. Sandalwood reveals some secrets.

The trio card

Krishi Thapanda

Krishi met Vinay and Anup when she was in her tenth standard. She believes they are a great trio.

What I love about them: “I was a self-obsessed person and they love me as I am.”

Crazy moments: “I was a troublesome adolescent as far as my parents were concerned. I would hop on to the terrace and jump to my neighbour’s house to hang out with these guys. My parents caught me out many times but couldn’t stop me. In our PUC days in Mysuru, I used to go for tuition and take off for rides to Chamundi Hill.”

Their annoying habits: “Anup can be reserved. Vinay can be over-caring.”

New yet strong bond

Pranitha Subhash

Pranitha and actor Sharmiela Mandre have been the talk of the town lately. Their friendship blossomed last year.

What I love about her: “She has a great sense of humour yet not many people know about it. She delivers witty punchlines.”

A crazy moment together: “We recently shot for a reality show which was a fun. A match when footballer Ronaldinho came here was crazy. We were being mobbed by fans who wanted photographs with us and we were sitting around waiting for a photo with Ronaldinho. The bouncers were trying to whisk us away to a safe place but we managed to get a photo with him.”  

An annoying habit: “She has a good selfie angle like Karan Johar does and she is very particular about it.”

Now like family

Suraj Gowda

Suraj and director Arvind Shastry became friends during the making of the film ‘Kahi’. They are more like family now.

What I love about him: “He is calm and composed, unlike me.”

Crazy moments together: “From pulling off pranks to planning crazy birthday parties, we’ve done everything for four years. The best time was when we took off to Kodagu without any planning. He came over to my place to chat and we hit the road. He kept asking where we were going and I told him we were on a two-hour drive. It was only later that he realised we were on a two-day trip. We bought clothes from there.”

An annoying habit: “Sometimes I have to plead him to make a plan work. The worst part is after this when he takes off on a solo trip.”

‘She is my backbone’

Sonu Gowda

Sonu Gowda met Savitha about a decade ago. Savitha is Sonu’s 2-am friend and someone she feels she can share anything with.

What I love about her: “Whatever I tell her stays with her. She knows just how to calm me.”

A crazy moment: “During our PUC days, we were at the Koramangala Club ringing in the new year. Everyone was drunk and I suggested we act drunk and start dancing. Savitha stopped me. We went out around 2.30 am and saw a Scorpio approaching us. I pretended to fall on the road and the driver stopped and asked if I was all right. I started laughing and Savitha and other friends joined in. The driver lost it when he realised it was a gag and pulled out a pistol. It was scary and we ran for our lives.”

An annoying habit: “She is strict about time which can stress others out sometimes.”

No ego

Naveen Thirthahalli

Navin and actor Yashas met during a stunts class and they have remained friends for 10 years.

What I love about him? “Yashas is kind, and has no ego problems. I have never had a misunderstanding with him.”

Crazy moments together: “On the sets of ‘Kelade Nimagiga’, we teased the female lead a bit and she left the sets, but came back after a while. It was a tense time.”

An annoying habit: “Yashas can be lazy. I complain to his mother about this.”


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