For Metro commuters, loo hunt a big bother

Several thousand commuters throng the MG Road Metro station, and the crowds are bigger on weekends.

How does Namma Metro farein the toilets department? Metrolife goes ‘loo’king for you

For all its claims of being world-class, Namma Metro is reticent when it comes to directing you to the toilets at its stations. Boards indicating toilets are small, and sometimes tucked away discreetly. And the toilets, in many cases, are a long distance from the platform, tucked away even more discreetly. Metrolife went on a reality check, and this is what we found.

The toilet is located at the exit towards Kanakapura Road. It has separate toilets for men and women but none for the physically handicapped. The toilets are functional and clean but towards the evening, the stench is almost unbearable.

The lone sign ‘Toilets’ is lost amid a horde of other bigger ones and is placed near the stairs leading to Platform 1. It points vaguely into the distance. After crossing the automated ticketing barriers you will have to look around a bit to find the entrance to the restrooms, located right next to the glass-walled counter between the stairs leading to the two platforms. But this seems to be a hurdle only for newbies as regular commuters make good use of the toilets, especially in the mornings when they are freshly cleaned. There are toilets for men, women and the physically handicapped; all of which are open, functional and clean. Good job. 

Trinity Junction
This station, which sees a good rush of office-goers during the mornings and evenings, has a small dimly lit entranceway leading to the toilets, located next to the stairs leading to Platform 2. You have to hunt equally hard for the signs as the toilets. Again, there are restrooms for men, women and physically handicapped; all of which are open, functional and clean.

Swami Vivekananda Road
Passengers, especially the handicapped, who get down at this stop are luckier, for the toilets situated at a mere 400 metres from the entrance. You only have to ask only two or three guards before finding the location, compared to the usual minimum of four strategic enquiries at other stations.

Kempegowda (Majestic)
Even though it is the central station connecting both the green and purple lines, there is only one toilet for the horde of commuters. It is located on the ground floor and can be accessed only after you buy your ticket and pass the scanning area. From the railway station side, the access is easy, but if you are coming from any other entrance, or even when you are changing trains, you have a long, long walk ahead. The toilet for men can be easily located as it is the first from the door but you have to walk a bit further and then take a right to locate the women’s toilet. The toilet for the physically challenged was closed and barricaded on Friday when we checked. The men’s and women’s toilets were functional and clean.

One of the most important terminals of the Namma Metro network, the vast  Byappanahalli station has just a single toilet compound. Although the restrooms for women, men and the disabled are separate, the hidden location makes it a bit of a treasure hunt for commuters. You have to make the treacherous journey of a full half kilometre from the entrance, through winding passageways and down confusing staircases to relieve yourself. Finding the toilet signboard on the secret door is viewed as a triumph by many!

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For Metro commuters, loo hunt a big bother


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