Riding in rain is their passion

Riding in rain is their passion

CS Prasanjit Kumar Bau

Many adventure lovers believe rainy days are best spent outdoors.

Guruprakash Subramanian, popularly known as ‘Duke Man’ on social media, is one such.

He waits for the monsoon every year so that he can take his bike out on long rides.

“Happiness for me is riding through the Western Ghats. I plan shorter rides at least once in two weeks and a long one every month,” he says.

Guruprakash Subramanian

Whenever he feels like a ride, he looks through the maps heads out to wherever he sees green.

“If you are someone who does not enjoy getting wet, I would recommend you carry waterproof gear. Riding in the monsoon has its own magic. Everything is livelier… from the lush forests to water bodies filled to the brim.”

Maharashtra is a favourite destination from many Bengaluru riders.

Prasanjit Kumar Baul, travel blogger at Behind The Handlebar, says, “In Maharashtra, most of the year, you get to see only brown and golden landscapes. However, during the monsoon months, it turns fluorescent green, with numerous waterfalls in the Western Ghats.”

But riding in the rain must be accompanied by abundant caution.

Travel consultant Nishanth N lists landslides among the many risks. “The Western Ghats haven’t had any problem so far. I had plans to ride to Idukki and Munnar this year. Due to the recent calamity, I have cancelled the trip.”

He recommends people planning visits to those areas wait until things have improved.

Nishanth usually rides with his wife. “Pillion comfort also matters. Make sure that you get good quality raincoats and waterproof boots. If you have not tried riding in the rains, start now.”

Nishanth N

He says the heaviest part of the monsoon is over and this is a good time to start riding to hills or waterfalls near you.

It’s now

Remember, the rains come for just a couple months every year.

Things to remember

Roads can be slippery, so don’t rush to cover the distance. Be prepared for slower rides.

Headlights of oncoming vehicles can sometimes blind you. Be careful and ride slowly.

Carry at least 500 gm of salt. Since you will be riding through forest areas, you never know when you will be bitten by leeches. Salt is the best way to remove them.

Pack newspapers. If you want to dry your shoes quickly overnight, stuff the papers in your shoes.