8 Kannada books that trended in 2021

8 Kannada books that trended in 2021

Hundreds of books are published in the Kannada language every year, some by new writers, some by seasoned names.

Ahead of Karnataka Rajyotsava, Metrolife curates a list of Kannada books that pique the attention of readers this year.

Writer Dr Gajanana Sharma’s historical novel ‘Chennabhairadevi’ has stolen the hearts of readers, both young, old and critics alike. The novel describes the life and times of queen Chennabhyradevi who ruled over South Konkan and Malnad for 54 years (1552-1604). She defeated the Portuguese time and again and is also known as the ‘Queen of Black Pepper’. Sharma has painstakingly narrated the politics, lifestyle, dignity, and a woman’s love in this eminent work. 

‘Coorg Regiment’, a collection of stories by Dr Khushwant Kolibail, tells the stories of rifle-wielding soldiers in a deeply realistic manner. Simple narration and connection to real life are noteworthy aspects of this book.

Interestingly, ‘Akkai’, the biography of Akkai Padmashali, a transgender woman and activist by Dr Dominic D, received rave reviews and was welcomed by readers with open arms.

The book outlines her personal journey as she explores the struggles of the sexual minority community and the history of the LGBTQ movement in India.

‘Purdah and Polygamy’, Dadapeer Jaiman’s Kannada version of the original novel of the same name by Ikbalunnisa Hussain, delineates the life in an Indian Muslim household in Bengaluru in 1944. It also mounts an attack on the traditional systems of purdah and polygamy in which a man is treated as a virtual god, and women, often barely literate, as chattel.

Sadyojatha Bhat’s ‘Mihirakuli’ grabbed the attention of the readers for its historicity and clarity. The book further cites that Qutub Minar, said to be constructed by the slave kings of Delhi, was indeed constructed by Hindus.

Just released, actor Ranjini Raghavan’s story collection ‘Kathe Dabbi’ is already in its second edition.

Recently, ‘Kaayaa’, a novel by noted writer Dr Guruprasad Kaginele, has received a good response from readers and critics too. In a nonlinear manner, it tells the story of a controversy that consumes an Indian-American politician’s family and a controversy. Kaginele provides a thought-provoking insight into the lives and minds of rich, famous and beautiful.

Also, ‘Tejo Tungabhadra’, Vasudhendra’s historical novel published in 2020, continued to attract readers’ interest. The novel, set in Vijayanagar emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya’s time, has already seen nine editions.

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