App shows how you look in old age

App shows how you look in old age

The hashtag FaceApp is trending globally now. From Sandalwood actors to standup comedians and singers, many in the city have posted photographs showing older versions of themselves. Some wrote witty captions to make a point, and just to join the bandwagon.

Mostly meant for light-hearted humour, the excessive use of the application has irked sceptics, who term it ‘useless’.

Playback singer Harish Sivaramakrishnan and vocalist
of Agam, posted a salt-and-pepper beard FaceApp version
of himself. He captioned it: ‘Feeling left out, hence.’



Actor-director Yogesh Shankar Narayan used the hashtag
to talk about the need to
save the planet.

‘Kirik Party’ fame Arvinnd Iyer joined the
FaceApp brigade. He says he wanted to
join in, with everyone playing grandfather
and grandmother.