Are things okay with Huccha Venkat?

Are things okay with Huccha Venkat?

Controversial Kannada actor found roaming Chennai streets is being cared for, thanks to the efforts of a film crew

Huccha Venkat, barefoot and in tatters, was spotted in Chennai.

A Bengaluru film team spotted controversial Kannada actor Huccha Venkat upset and angry at a Chennai hotel last week. He refused help and went away, walking barefoot.

The crew of Kannada film ‘Randhawa’ was in Chennai for post-production, when lead actor Bhuvann Ponnannaa put out a post on social media, seeking help to find the actor.

Venkat, whose real name is Venkataram Laxman, is often accused of behaving erratically and seeking attention. A lawyer defending him in a case said he was schizophrenic.

Bhuvann explains the sequence of events: “Our team was checking out of a hotel when they spotted Venkat walking into the reception asking for a room. He was refused one and asked to leave.”

The Randhawa crew approached him and asked if he wanted food and water. Venkat reacted a little violently, Bhuvann says. “The crew went away, only to return with food and water, but couldn’t find him,” says Bhuvann.

The team looked around without success for two days, and on the third, spotted him on a pavement late at night. “We booked him a room and we have two people taking care of him,” Bhuvann says. 

Actor Girija Lokesh, who worked with him in ‘Mental Manja’ and ‘Swatantra Palya’, describes him as a good human being with somewhat unrealistic ambitions.

“He wants to do more than just acting. I saw a drastic change in him when he turned director, and thought his career was finally looking up. But it is unfortunate he hasn’t been patient in following his dream,” Girija told Metrolife.

Initially, he hadn’t paid the actors for ‘Swatantra Palya’ but he managed to put together some money and pay them all, she recalls. 


Journalist Ganesh Kasargod is the author of a book titled ‘Huchcha Venkat… Huchchu Manasina Nooru Mukhagalu’ (Hundred Faces of a Crazy Mind). He recalls how it came about: “I used to write a column on films for a Kannada daily and Venkat used to read it regularly. That’s how we met. He always wanted people to take note of his films and talk about him. In some ways, he was self-obsessed.”

When his film ‘Huccha Venkat’ was released in 2015, the theatres were empty. “To show his protest, he behaved like a mad man in front of the cameras. That was shocking,” says Ganesh.

Venkat’s antics were amusing, even if they were delusional. “He rang me up one day and said he was getting married to actor Ramya. He said she had agreed to his proposal, and even gave me the time, date and venue,” says Ganesh.

Aware of his habit of pulling off pranks, Ganesh didn’t go and the marriage didn’t take place either. “This is how he sometimes plays pranks on people,” says Ganesh. 

Controversy’s child 

Venkat claimed he was married to actor Ramya. She filed a police complaint, accusing him of lying.

Venkat was evicted from Bigg Boss Kannada 3 after he assaulted singer Ravi Mooruru. The point of contention was that Venkat thought women in the house were dressed inappropriately. 

Venkat tried to commit suicide after Rachana, a fellow contestant in the reality TV show ‘Super Jodi,’ refused to marry him.

He claims he has fans worldwide, and will be prime minister of India one day. 

Self in every title

‘Huccha’ means ‘mad,’ and Huccha Venkat is the screen name of Venkataram Laxman.
His first film was Venkat (2003), and he played supporting roles in Mental Manja (2005) and Swatantra Palya (2009). He played the lead in more recent films, and has titled them after himself. 


Huccha Venkat (Mad Venkat)

Durahankari (Arrogant) Huccha Venkat 

Dictator Huccha Venkat 

Thikla (Crazy) Huccha Venkat

Porki (Vagabond) Huccha Venkat

Doc’s view

Dr Sugami Ramesh, senior consultant, clinical psychology, Apollo Hospitals, says “This is a case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As a child, if a person has ADHD and if it not treated then it surfaces as an adult. They become hypersensitive, have no control over their emotions and keep blabbering. They also get irritated and sometimes their behaviour could take violent forms as well.

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