Fashion can reign even when it rains

Fashion can reign even when it rains

How to step out without letting the damp weather cramp your style? Here. Let’s tell you

Play with prints and half-sleeve shirts, says fashion influencer Ashwin Iyer (above).

Don’t let the rain keep you indoors. You can step out without letting the showers cramp your style.

Of all seasons, monsoon is said to be the most confusing, with the sun, rains and the winds playing hide and seek. And that makes it difficult for most people to choose the right outfit. 

So how do you up your fashion game and look stylish even in the damp weather?

Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist, Voonik says sudden showers can be a spoilsport. On dry days, you can slip into jeans and T-shirt, but the monsoon calls for more thoughtful attire.

No leather

Ditch your expensive leather jacket and opt for something loose and comfortable.

Choose shorter silhouettes, such as shorts, skirts and dresses, over full-length outfits. Try calf-length culottes and gaucho pants.

Choose closed shoes made of PVC, rubber or plastic. Gumboots are stylish and can be paired with any outfit for a funky statement, says Bhavya.

No clingy clothes

Keep away from denim pants or outfits that stick to your body. It is a struggle to remove wet jeans. Semi-fitted attire (Western and Indian) is the way to go. Ladies, to avoid any embarrassment, wear padded bras and light coloured lingerie.

Light is good

Avoid sweaters and go in for windcheaters and jackets that are water repellant. Woven and knitted fabric leave behind a musty smell when they get wet. But if you must wear it, make sure you put it out on a hanger and air dry it. That removes the odour. 

Play with prints

Monsoon is a good time to experiment with prints. Busy prints are a great way to hide embarrassing rain-related wardrobe malfunctions. 

All you men, add a hint of sunshine to your monsoon closet by choosing pastel colours as your top wear with darker bottoms. And women can indulge in darker and brighter colours.

As for office wear, Ashwin Iyer, creative director, Codebalé Studios, recommends half-sleeve shirts this season. “Avoid skinny fitted trousers and make sure your chinos are loose and comfortable. Choose boots over flip-flops if you are travelling long distance. The latter is also a good choice for short walks near your house.”

A bomber jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. It looks stylish and adds a cool twist to your overall look. Play with prints and colours. 

“I love to revive old fashion trends. I always carry a huge umbrella with me, especially in the evenings, with some colours and prints and checks on it. It adds sophistication while you protect yourself from a sudden downpour,” says Ashwin.

While travelling at night, Ashwin suggests a jacket with reflective stripes on it. That makes it easy for people to spot you on the road. 

Close eye on makeup

Monsoon makeup is usually quite tricky. With humidity levels high, the skin pores are active in secreting natural oils. “It is still important to use moisturiser mandatorily for blood circulation,” says Zara Syed, founder of Zaras International Academy.

She recommends liquid and powder foundation rather than a cream foundation and concealer. Peachy and flesh tints for lips and cheeks are best for monsoon. Say no to flashy colours, she says.

“Use powder highlighters to give a dew look. For the eyes, you can just fill the water line with kajal and smoke it up with brown at the lower lash line. Give two or three layers of waterproof mascara to complete the eye makeup,” she says.

Stay away from white

No matter how romantic it may sound, avoid wearing white in the monsoon months, says Shilpa Sharma, co-founder, Jaypore. Choose airy and natural fabrics like
cotton and silk.

“Dense, woven fabric breathes and is therefore perfect for this season. Go for darker naturally-dyed colours; quirky details and prints add an extra dimension to your look,” she explains.

For college

For students who have just broken out of their uniform, college is the perfect time to experiment.

“Play with prints, fabric, and silhouettes, but don’t blindly follow trends. Find out what works for your body type and lifestyle. This is the only time in your life where your experimentation will pay off,” says Shilpa.