Headphone picks this festive season

Headphone picks this festive season

Bowers and Wilkins PX5 headphones

There are countless electronic products available to buy online and many platforms are offering discounts. Metrolife picks a few earphones that are trending this season.

Phillips Upbeat TAUH201BK

The Phillips Upbeat TAUH201BK headphones come with echo cancellation and a 1.2 meter cable for those people who like to listen to music outdoors, and away from a gadget. In addition to a Mic, the Upbeat flattens making for compact storage that’s ideal for travel. Amazon is offering discounts up to 20 per cent on some of their headphones. 
Price:  Rs 1,500.

Bowers and Wilkins PX5 headphones

Available at a discounted price. This premium brand product sports noise cancellation, wireless capability, Bluetooth, and rechargeable batteries.
Price: Rs 26,100 

JBL C100

The JBL C100 true wireless headsets feature a mic, wireless capability, and Bluetooth’s 5th version as well as fast charging and playback capability. It is available at 71 per cent discount and come in two separate colours. Flipkart is offering their ear-headphones at a discount. 
Price: Rs 2,300.

Boat’s Rockerz 255F headsets

With rechargeable batteries that last for six hours, the pair has a mic, Bluetooth compatibility and extra bass for a wholesome listening experience. They are available in four different colors — red, blue, neon and  black.
Price: Rs 900

Samsung Level-U

The level-U headsets are being offered at a 17 per cent discount. These in ear- headphones come in cool colours of gold, grey and blue. They offer sweat protection and come with extra deep bass, as well as a mic and bluetooth. They also sport a long battery life, with over 10 hours depending on its configuration.
Price: Rs 1,149 onwards