I’m stubborn like my character: Yash

Actor Yash and actress Srinidhi Shetty

The most -anticipated film of the year, KGF, took two years to make. The vast expanses of Kolar Gold Fields, a two-hour drive from Bengaluru, provide a spectacular backdrop for the action drama. 

Yash, who plays hero Rocky, says he relates to the rebellious character because of what he has gone through in real life. Set in the 1970s and ‘80s, the film is mounted on a lavish scale, and is being released in the USA, Canada, and in many European countries.

In an interview with Metrolife, Yash talks about the making of KGF.   

How exactly do you relate to your character?

There is a lot of similarity in terms of attitude and ambition. Rocky is ambitious, just like I am, yet he is very chilled out and straightforward. He is also stubborn, like me.

From the trailer, it looks like Rocky has a larger-than-life image.

The backdrop of the film and the scale on which it was made makes Rocky appear larger-than-life. He is, in fact, the centre of attraction, so naturally, all elements add to his aura.

What is Rocky fighting against?

The battle is waged within, and he is fighting his own weaknesses. The beauty of this character is that even when he is projected as larger-than-life, you can relate to the smallest of his emotions. He is very real, but the challenges that confront him are huge. I had to constantly think about the situations and believe I was Rocky. Once I got into that mode, everything fell into place.

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What do you like about Rocky?

He has got a swag that I really like. He also talks to the point and whatever he says turns out to be a punchline.

Acting with Srinidhi Shetty...

You have to be patient with newcomers. They tend to get nervous but reassuring them and giving them confidence goes a long way. Newcomers are good with basics and cope pretty well.

How was your rapport with director Prashanth Neel?

He has a lot of clarity about what he wants and what he is doing. I was a part of the process to form Rocky’s character and I knew exactly how the character developed. This helped me visualise the character well. In fact, I was waiting to be Rocky.

How was it to shoot in difficult terrains?  

It was challenging and at one point, especially in summer, I was waiting for the sun to go down. But my involvement made me forget everything and go with the flow.

Any favourite shooting spot?

I like the KGF portion because we captured some of the best visuals there.

Any dialogue stuck in your head?

Gangnaalli barodhu gangsterru, obbane barodhu monsterru (The one who comes in a gang is a gangster but the one who comes alone is a monster).

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