More musicians teaching online

More musicians teaching online

Many who had reservations about music education on the Net are now convinced it is the way forward

SaitejasChandrashekar,vocalist andharmonicaexpert, hasstudents fromacross theworld now.

The line-up of musicians teaching online is growing, and many who were initially sceptical about Internet classes are now more comfortable with the idea.  

Jayanthi Kumaresh

Jayanthi Kumaresh Academy for Veena, launched during the pandemic, has completed 20 masterclasses. 

Students from across the world — especially from Africa, Singapore, USA — log in and attend classes to learn the nuances of Karnatik music from the renowned veena player Jayanthi Kumaresh.

She says, “Sometimes a masterclass is repeated because we have limited seats.” The classes have reached about 900 students.

As for her classes, they are divided into three categories — junior (with two to three years’ learning), intermediate (five to six years), and advanced (concert level).

Jayanthi left home and lived with her guru to train in music, so she wasn’t really a big advocate of online classes till recently.

“If a student had trained under me for years and had to move elsewhere, I provided the Skype option. Now, the pandemic situation has been eye-opening,” she says.

What: Veena (Karnatik classical)
Where: Jayanthi Kumaresh Academy for Veena (website)

Ajay Warriar

Ajay Warriar, playback singer with many Kannada hits to his credit, started online classes only this March.

“Once I started, I realised what I could do with people’s voices. With every music director I have worked with, I learnt new things, and I have started applying them in the classes,” he says.

He takes one-on-one classes. His students are from all over Karnataka, and also from Pune and Hyderabad. “Some are from the Middle East, USA, and Canada,” he says.

He starts with the basics of classical music before moving on to genres such as ‘sugama sangeeta’, ‘ghazals’ and ‘devaranamas’. He conducts classes for freshers as well as those who have a fair knowledge of music.
What: Devaranama, ghazals, etc.
Where: Call 98452 29202 or email

Saitejas Chandrashekar

Saitejas Chandrashekar, vocalist and harmonica expert, strongly believes in in-person classes. “I didn’t initially like the online mode,” he says.

He has students from across the world now. “With an upgraded computer and a good audio interface, classes are going well,” he says.

He is now conducting a two-month workshop for harmonica students, beginning August. “I have 10 students in each batch, and all three are full,” he says. He will start a new batch in November.
What: Film songs on harmonica

Where: Call 98805 90084

Sangeetha Ravindranath

Singer-songwriter, composer and playback singer Sangeetha Ravindranath started online music classes a month ago. “With ample time on hand and requests from music lovers keen to learn from me, I thought I should explore online teaching,” she says.

With a packed schedule till the pandemic, Sangeetha wasn’t sure if she was up to teaching. “Teaching needs a certain level of dedication. It keeps me busy now, and is providing me with a source of income,” she says.

She has 30 students now and offers individual classes. “I include vocal culture, and adapt Indian classical and Western techniques to build a strong foundation for students of playback singing and folk music,” Sangeetha says.
What: Film music, sugama sangeeta, folk songs

Where: Facebook, Instagram pages.

Madikeri Mukesh

Like Sangeetha, Madikeri Mukesh was concentrating on stage performances and studio recordings, but the pandemic disrupted that routine. He is now conducting one-on-one online classes for those who want to learn sugama sangeeta and film songs, and planning workshops. Coming up is a 12-session sugama sangeeta workshop starting July 31. “I teach some basics and then move on to songs,” he says. Mukesh teaches film songs in five languages, and he finds that a majority of his students love older numbers.
What: Sugama sangeeta, film songs

Where: Call 98801 50383

Teaching now:

Some online courses
launched of late.

The Bangalore School of Music: Orchestra and ensemble training for children, bass guitar, hand percussion and ear training. Message on WhatsApp to
81972 67272.

Rainbow Bridge Music School: Music production and electronic music production.
Call 99457 60541 or 85469 03315.

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Call 77953 49578.

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