Onions marginally cheaper online

Onions marginally cheaper online

Prices cross Rs 100 mark at brick-and-mortar physical stores

Online stores have a cap on the amount you can buy.

Onion prices have spiked, with even Hopcoms selling it at Rs 100 a kilo. It was just Rs 25 to Rs 30 two weeks ago.

Prices at the departmental stores are also high. More and Nilgiris are selling onions between Rs 91 and Rs 120.

Metrolife scouted around for the best prices, and here is what we found. Online stores are selling onion at lower prices, but it usually takes a day for most of them to deliver, and they have a cap on the amount you can buy.

Here is a quick price reckoner:

Grofers Rs 89. Max 10 kg.

Amazon Fresh Rs 93. Max 10 kg.

BigBasket Rs 93. Max 12 kg.

Flipkart Rs 89. Max 2 kg.

Jio Mart Rs 93. Max 5 kg.

Paytm Mall Rs 93 (Rs 88 with promos) Max 5 kg.

Why did prices rise?

Prolonged monsoons in the onion-growing districts in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh have damaged crops. The central government on Friday imposed stock limits on retailers and wholesalers till December 31.

Kitchen alternatives

Onions are primarily used for flavour, texture and consistency in cooking.

Ranjani Raman, dietician, suggests some alternatives. “For consistency, ground tomato puree or any other puree with gourds can give thickness. Flavour comes from using shallots or garlic. Green leaves like coriander and spinach add texture and consistency.” she says. For taste and richness, mashed potatoes, carrots and pumpkin work well. “Spices like coriander seeds, jeera, fennel seeds, mustards, ginger garlic paste are other taste enhancers,” she adds. 

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