Pet treats go gourmet

Pet treats go gourmet

Bakeries in Bengaluru are making chocolate cakes, cranberry cookies, beer and more for your furry companion. Ingredients are vetted to avoid allergies

Greater awareness about pet allergies and dietary requirements, and availability of substitutes have made it easy for the bakeries to experiment with their menu. Photo credit: The Doggy Bakery

Bengalureans are pampering their pets with baked goodies and they have specialised bakeries in the city to thank.

These outlets make everything from chocolate cakes to cranberry cookies and customised treats. One even sells dog beer, and another wants to start a meal service for pets.

Ingredients are vetted to keep allergies and tummy troubles at bay. “If the pet ends up gobbling down an entire cake or a cupcake, it shouldn’t hurt their tummy. That is the goal,” says Subitha S, cofounder of Pet Gobbles, Koramangala.

Her brand doesn’t make use of sugar or salt as these can trigger allergies and skin-related issues. They also stay away from preservatives, artificial colouring and processed ingredients like all-purpose flour. “We use alternatives like honey, gluten-free flour, and millets based on each pet’s diet,” Subitha shares. She fulfils about seven orders a day.

Greater awareness about pet allergies and dietary requirements, and availability of substitutes have made it easy for these bakeries to experiment with their menu.

Take, for instance, BonAppetite, Old Airport Road. “We use carob, a chocolate substitute that is safe for animals to ingest,”says owner Shruti Saha. She goes on to add, “Today, pet parents are looking for fresh and natural alternatives rather than buying and rehydrating store-bought food.”

These bakers also customise goodies based on the breed and age of the animal and also allergies it may have. “Baking for cats is a little different than baking for dogs. They require more proteins and fats, and are quite intolerant to carbohydrates,” explains Subitha.

Inside Furball Barkery on Bannerghatta Road, you one find common treats like jerky and popsicles but also rare items like dog beer, made using whey and golden paste.

Founder Roshini Subbarao says, “The golden paste is made from fresh turmeric root, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, pepper and cinnamon. Adding a little of this to the pet food can aid better health and increase their immunity.

These goodies aren’t one-off. “It has become a norm to get pets treats for occasions in the family other than the pet’s birthday,” says Aditya Sikand, cofounder of The Doggy Bakery in Koramangala.

From laddoos for Deepavali to cranberry cookies and pies for Christmas, it makes pet-friendly food for every major celebration. It receives 400 to 500 orders every month.

Aditya has plans to launch a gourmet meal service for pets, comprising items like carbonara, Thai green curry, and burgers. “People are now more open to splurging on their pets. They want their pets to enjoy life as much as they do,” he adds.

Order from

Furball Barkery: 99869 94744

Pet Gobbles: 95130 00553

The Doggy Bakery: 96631 85747

BonAppetite: 98451 77162

How much do these cost?

Most sell them in the price range of Rs 100 to Rs 500. Customised cakes come for Rs 950 to Rs 2,000.