Pictures worth a thousand words

Pictures worth a thousand words

For World Photography Day on Monday, we asked the Deccan Herald photography team to share the best of their recent pictures, and here they are…

The photographers turn candid...

Vintage moods

S K Dinesh

Dinesh was assigned to shoot a car rally near Vidhana Soudha on Worldwide Day of the VW Beetle in June this year. The cloudy sky added a dramatic and dreamy effect to the frame.

“It’s easy to click routine photographs of cars in a rally but to get something unique is challenging. The image shows coloured cars against the iconic state secretariat,” he says.

Chennai calling

Pushkar V

Pushkar captured a man sitting in the middle of a lake as his cattle tries to graze at one of Chennai’s largest lakes.

“The photograph shows the plight of people suffering because of water scarcity. The sky and the clouds add drama to the frame. Travelling from one lake to another in Chennai’s weather is difficult enough. The plight of people facing such a crisis is grim. That is why I took the picture in black and white and not colour.”

Quickly pan right

B H Shivakumar

Shivakumar was on duty on the second day of a session in July, just before the fall of the H D Kumaraswamy government. While clicking routine photographs, he was on the lookout for something striking.
“This is when I saw BJP’s senior leader Umesh Katti enjoying ‘pan masala’ inside the assembly hall. The action took place within 30 seconds. Presence of mind is a must if you want to capture such fun images,” he says.

A victorious moment

Srikanta Sharma R

He shot this frame during an IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This image shows KKR’s Andre Russell in the air while an RCB player looks on, crestfallen.
“This moment when Russell jumps up in the air to celebrate his hitting a winning shot was rare. To capture such photos you need to be quick and alert,” Sharma says.

Lightning mode

Janardhan B K

Janardhan captured this beautiful image of lightning in the sky on an evening in May on Bellary Road.

“The photograph is not shot in bulb mode (a mode in which the camera takes a picture until the finger is lifted from the shutter button) but in a single click. It can be challenging to capture such an image because timing is everything. The image also shows a contrast between natural lighting in the sky and city lights,” he says.

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