Property tax online glitch

Property tax online glitch

Citizens get a five per cent rebate if they pay their property tax before April 30, but some paying online are being deprived of the rebate.

Of 10 online taxpayers Metrolife spoke to, three said they hadn’t received the rebate. BBMP revenue officials attribute it to a software glitch.

Anand Thirtha from B.PAC says the software is outdated, but the BBMP is persisting with it.

“This problem has been around for many years. Not just revenue, many of our government official websites aren’t up to date,” he says.

A senior official said some of the other problems reported by citizens, such as inability to pay online, were probably caused by too many trying to pay simultaneously.

What BBMP says
If you pay property tax online before April 30, and are not given a rebate, contact your BBMP zonal revenue officer.