Miniature monuments by wanderlust couple

Miniature monuments by wanderlust couple

Zoeya and Sunil

Sunil Dev Prasanna and Zoeya Sinha, who were fascinated by the concept of model making, started building models of aircraft and tanks. What started as a fun hobby turned into a serious feat.

They started ‘I Built It’, a design and manufacturing firm, in 2015 to produce miniatures and educational toys.

Says Zoeya, “After three years of having it as a hobby, we published our work on social media. Sunday Soul Sante marked as our first public appearance. As a lot of people were interested in our models, we realised the need to expand it and hence started everything”.

The products are flat-pack and have interlocking mechanisms that allow the consumer to easily assemble and dismantle the product themselves, and hence gets the name
‘I Built It’.

The couple has engineered a friction fit system in the models where the wooden parts are put together with the interlocking system.

“I always wanted to be an architect. Influenced by many external elements, I ended up doing engineering. It was only after I met my husband Sunil that my long-buried dream was revived,” shares Zoeya.

Talking about their designs, Sunil says, they once took six months on a design. He elaborates, “Being majorly into buildings, we started off with European architecture. My wife and I travelled around Europe, studied the construction, read about the history of construction and later replicated the models”.

Historical documents are their main source of inspiration. Zoeya says that the cost depends on the size and complexity of the design.

“We have easy, complicated and highly complicated models, and the price varies accordingly,” she adds.

The models can also be used for educational purposes, especially for the subjects of history and architecture.

When asked about their family’s reaction to them quitting their jobs to pursue this, Zoeya reveals that they were against it. “Now that we are doing well, they are happy with our work,” she adds.

The couple has a lot of upcoming projects lined up. At present, they are working on Medieval European buildings and are teaming up with a retail store to stage their models. They are also planning to take a shot at the architecture of Japanese and Hindu temples in the coming days.

Sunil and Zoeya can be contacted on 9620272011.