'Music is our perfect getaway'

'Music is our perfect getaway'

Experimental group

'Music is our perfect getaway'

It’s not only their energy but also how they present their music that got city-based alternative folk rock band ‘One Girl Shy’ on the musical map. The five-member band which has gone through lineup changes has always created music which strikes a chord with the audience. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the members talk about their world of riffs and notes.

Why are you called ‘One Girl Shy’?

Akhilesh: We were performing as a group at BFlat and I was addressing the crowd in between. One of our female artistes kept going off stage. She told us later that she was really shy.After the show, the audience members kept saying that ‘one of your artistesis really shy’ and I felt that it would make for a great band name.

Each band is a different journey altogether. How has this one been?

Sudhakar: Having been associated with other artistes before, I have played several genres. It’s a more balladish style and there’s a lot of theatrics involved in the songs. We all have to be on the same page for the breaks and stops while involving the audience for the perfect effect.

Important elements that make the band...
Akhilesh: We have tried to combine alternative rock with acappella vocals quite successfully. For most bands, all the artistes are involved in most of the songs but in some of our songs only a few of us go on stage. We choose our elements carefully. We have an insane bassist, brilliant vocalists and a really talented drummer!

What’s the band’s USP?
Sudhakar: We are a structured band which rehearses the ways we can steer our audience according to our music. We can’t predict how they will react, so we practice according to several responses they may come out with.

Music to the band is...
Akhilesh: Getting on stage has a certain high to it. Music is our perfect getaway. It means having the complete freedom to do anything.
Sudhakar: Music for us is going beyond lyrics. Our music aims to bring listeners out of their shells.

Some of the band’s originals are...
Varshita: Some of our popular songs include ‘Whiskey Holiday’, ‘Rebel Girl’, ‘ Free’, ‘ When Angels Come Home’, ‘Morning Song’ and ‘Hopscotch Man’.

Recall an interesting gig...
Kevin: We are still stuck in the cover era and this often amuses us. Often we get requests for ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Summer of 69’. There was this time when we were at a gig and someone asked if we played requests. Akhilesh immediately pointed to our set list and said “Yes, you can choose any of our songs”. Thankfully, the audience was cheering for us and actually asking for ‘Whiskey Holiday’.

A blunder on stage...
Akhilesh: We ran out of our set list once and decided to perform one of our latest songs which had Calypso Latin groove to it. I went completely off track but the other members picked up from where I goofed up. No one knew that we had messed up.

Three rules on stage....
Megha: No over playing. Always communicate. Nothing else matters.

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