Music on a single platform

Music on a single platform


Music on a single platform

A radio channel has launched One Bengaluru One Music, a music forum that hopes to bring the music community together on a common fore.

One Bengaluru One Music will not only focus on Bollywood music but will also offer punk rock, Indi-rock, DJ mixes, fusion, Indipop, Marathi, Ghazals. Music lovers can tune into any of these platforms.

The new music station will feature 350 bands that will be playing across 52 weeks. After an extensive research, the radio station has found out that there are people who not only listen to Bollywood music but tune into ghazals, Marathi songs, rock, pop, DJ and instrumental songs with the same fervour.

Commenting on the initiative Jishnu from the music band ‘Swaraatma’ says, “One Bengaluru One Music’ will give space to non-commercial music created by us as is designated for Bollywood. They are providing us with a platform to showcase our own produced music which has been never done before. In fact, besides these concerts and gigs we do, we don’t get any sort of recognition either. This gives us a good connect with the people,” he says.

The artists associated for the station are Jishnu from Swaraatma, Jagdeesh from Munnira, Divya Joseph from Thermal and a Quarter among others.  Bruce Lee Mani from Thermal and a Quarter says he always thought the television had a wider reach but now he finds that there a lot of young people are tuning into the radio and are hooked onto the Internet for the latest on the music scene.

“I think such interactive radio stations provide dedicated space and time to upcoming music bands. Also there’s so much content on radio with music bands doing their own stuff that radio serves as a perfect platform for ardent music lovers,” says Bruce.  The Live Gig Networks is another music platform that also provides artists a platform to showcase their talent on a regular basis at accessible venues.