Music venues try theme weeks

Music venues try theme weeks

Music venues try theme weeks

Whatever your favourite choice of music, you will be able to catch more focused events soon.  A concept known as 'a gig per week' or 'the gig week' is gaining in popularity.

The concept is simple: the shows are focused on a genre or group of artistes, and run on all days of a week or a particular day of the week for a full month.  

Gaurav Govilkar from the two-piece art rock band Iram, loved his recent gig at Orzuv restaurant in Whitefield.  "The dining space and performance space were segregated, which brings the spotlight on the music. People are attentive at such concerts, which is gratifying for the artiste," he says.

Music lovers can plan according to their interests and artistes have more guaranteed spaces to perform at, he adds.  "A soft rock music fan might not like a trash metal performance. With this concept, making a choice is easier," says Gaurav.  

While conventional music festivals with a variety of genres continue to be popular, 'a gig per week' helps create more networking opportunities.  "One is a part of a brand which adds to the profile. And one meets many like-minded people," says Subhash Rao, member of hard rock and alternative rock band Switcheroo.  

Hiphop artiste Rohan Ramesh aka Neff feels the concept helps newcomers. "Such an event provides exposure," he says.  Suhas VK, event and music promoter, believes that for genres like hip-hop, such a format works as a regular platform.

"I concentrate on hip-hop as not many places take up the genre. Such events promote the venue as well as the artistes," he adds.  From Bollywood-themed nights to acoustic, these events are a big draw.