Sihi Kahi Chandru

Sihi Kahi Chandru

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Sihi Kahi Chandru

Chandrashekar got his stage name ‘Sihi Kahi Chandru’ from a daily soap called ‘Sihi Kahi’, which aired on Doordarshan back in the ‘80s.

The 1990 film ‘Ganeshana Maduve’ noted as a turning point in his film career. His cooking show ‘Bombat Bhojana’ on Suvarna channel got him a lot of fame and success.

Chandru is notable for his appearances in films like ‘Gowri Ganesha’, ‘Putakkana Highway’ and ‘Tenali Rama’. ‘Silli Lalli’ and ‘Paapa Pandu’ are among the famous television series directed by Chandru.

He has a couple of projects lined up in the coming days.


Robert Ludlum

“I enjoy reading fiction. Irving Wallace and Robert Ludlum are among the authors I like. S L Bhyrappa is one of the best writers I have come across. His book ‘Aavarana’ takes me by surprise every time I read it; the blatantly truthful book makes one ponder over the facts written in it.”

Arjun Janya

“Kannada music has grown leaps and bounds. At present, I enjoy listening to Arjun Janya, Gurukiran and Mano Murthy. But, I am more inclined towards old Hindi and Kannada songs. ‘Neene Neene Nanagella Neene’ from the movie ‘Akash’ and ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ from the film ‘Blackmail’ are my all time favourites.”



“I am an avid traveller; have travelled the length and breadth of India. I like discovering new places, people and their food cultures. In Karnataka, Chikkamagalur is my favourite tourist place. I can visit the place over and over again. Germany comes next in the list. As a child, I used to read fables and visiting Germany was like a dream come true. I developed an instant liking for the place. The cleanliness, the pollution free atmosphere, the people, mountains - everything about it is enticing.”


“I do not have a role model. I try to imbibe the best of everybody around and inculcate it in my life. My life experiences inspire me.”


Shravana Bantu

“I love watching films. The Hindi film ‘Lunch Box’ is one of my favourites; I like the way the story is narrated. The Kannada film ‘Shuddhi’ is another film I liked in recent times. My all-time favourite has to be Rajkumar’s ‘Shravana Bantu’.


Rasam and Rice

“Being a foodie, I love experimenting with different kinds of food. The rasam and rice combo is my most favourite. My meal should have rasam and rice, no matter where I go. If I don’t get it anywhere, I cook it myself. My family likes my cooking. Anything made out of paneer counts as my family’s favourite. I have a sweet tooth. I love all kinds of sweets but being a diabetic, I have to restrict myself.”