Nathicharmi reflects real life: Sanchari Vijay

Nathicharmi reflects real life: Sanchari Vijay

It was the storyline of ‘Nathicharami’ that made Sanchari Vijay want to work in it. The film, which is about a woman who becomes a widow and how she is seen by the society, struck a chord with the actor.

In conversation with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about the film and his role in it.  

Tell us a bit about the film. 

The film is about a woman who was living happily with her husband but suddenly becomes a widow. She succeeds in her professional life but not in her personal life. She is a single woman working in a cosmopolitan city without anyone for support. The way people treat her in the move is a true reflection of what single woman face in society today. 

How unique is your role?

The film has two parallel stories in it. One is about Gauri (played by Sruthi Hariharan) and the other is that of my character, Suresh, a civil engineer, and his wife. Suresh is a very ambitious man but he and his wife always have issues. 

How was it to work with Mansore?

It was a delightful experience to work with him again. I have worked with him in ‘Harivu’, which won many accolades. He always tries to touch the emotions of the audience with his project. 

Was it challenging to play Suresh?

Playing realistic characters is always more challenging. I have to depict true emotions in my character; I play a very short-tempered person in the film, a difficult thing for me. I am a shy person and I faced difficulty shooting for the intimate scenes too. 

How was it to act with Sruthi Hariharan?

She is a fabulous actor and a thorough professional. Sruthi has done justice to the role. There are many who are saying that the film reflects the essence of the #MeToo campaign but in reality, the film has nothing to do with it. 

One of Sruthi’s best traits is her inquisitiveness. She always questions the lines that are given to her and tries to find out why a particular expression or emotion should be delivered. This trait of her, which triggers dialogues and discussions, is truly appreciable.  

What is unique about the film?

The film talks about gender equality. Its storyline is what stands apart. Despite us moving so ahead in time, people still treat single woman in a different way. I love working in parallel movies. Also, Mansore is a very sensible director and I was sure that he would be able to make a deep impact. 

Everyone will connect with the film and the characters. The film depicts things that happen in real life and it is bound to get noticed for this reason.