New look for KG bus stand in coming year

New look for KG bus stand in coming year

The plan for the renovation of the Kempegowda Bus Station is being worked on and the work will start soon.

KSRTC looks to decongest the entry and exit points of the bus station.

The Kempegowda Bus Station is going to be renovated the coming year. The maze-like roads of Majestic will finally have an established layout planning.  The officials say that the plan is drafted and will be executed soon. 

They are planning to establish an integrated bus station for KSRTC, BMTC, and BMRCL.

Metrolife spoke to a few passengers about the project and the changes they would like to see.

Kusum, an IT professional, says that the entry and exit points of the bus station are chaotic.

She complains, “Many accidents have taken place over the years, and this has to be controlled”.

One of the passengers suggests a way to prevent decongestion, “There are many other bus stations in Peenya and Jalahalli. If some of the KSRTC buses are  move there, it might save energy and reduce the crowd too.”

But the highest vote is for restricting the private buses from entering Majestic.

“They cause a lot of traffic and makes it difficult for passengers to move around,” says Ramu, an engineering student.


A dose of history

The Mysore Government Road Transport Department (MGRTD) was inaugurated on September 12, 1948, with 120 buses. On November 1, 1973, Mysore State was renamed as Karnataka, and the transport department was renamed Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). KSRTC was later divided to form Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). At present, there are 8845 working buses under KSRTC. The station is 49 years old.


Disabled-friendly buses in use

KSRTC buses have provided foldable ramps and customised wheelchairs at major bus stations across the state. These trolley fitted ramps are actively functioning all over the state.


What the officials say...

Many people don’t use the Majestic Flyover (above) even though it is in a good
condition. They cross the road amidst heavy traffic to save time.

When asked about the measures taken regarding road safety, KSRTC officials reveal that people hardly use the Majestic flyover connecting BMTC, Metro and KSRTC.

On our visit last week, we found only a few people using the flyover.

Though the flyover works perfectly fine, many were seen crossing the road amidst the heavy traffic. “We have done our bit by building the flyover and the subway,” clarifies one of the officials.

Talking about the cleanliness in KSRTC, the officials say that they have hired many workers to keep a check on the cleanliness of the washrooms and the entire area.

They add, “People have to co-operate with us. It is practically impossible for anyone to be behind someone all the time. Many passengers use the washrooms and don’t bother to flush.”

Managing Director of KSRTC Shivayogi C Kalasad states, “We welcome suggestions from the public in the light of giving KSRTC a makeover. We will conduct drives where people can reach out to us give us their suggestions.”


Here is what KSRTC is promising

New facilities for commuters will include:

- Increase in the number of washrooms.

- Increase in the number of child care centres.

- Organised entry and exit points in the bus station.

- Establishing green buildings i.e. buildings that use natural resources like solar energy, as a step to save electricity.

- Increasing the amount for the fine for violating KSRTC rules.

- Better parking space.

- KSRTC is also building an app that provides information like drinking water facilities, disabled friendly washrooms and more.


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