Newcomers feature in campus film

Newcomers feature in campus film

A scene from ‘Bindaas Googly’

Santhosh Kumar, director of upcoming Kannada movie ‘Bindaas Googly’ is all set to release the film in June. The film, that features newcomers such as Akash Anvekar, Mamatha Rahuth and Shilpa Laddimath, is pegged around happenings in a college and how a group of youngsters would do just about anything to fulfil their love for dance. In an interview with Metrolife, Santosh talks about the making of the movie.

What inspired you to turn a director?’

My entire has been a part of this industry close to 48 years now. I was in the hotel industry at first then jumped into this and decided to share my interests. My debut movie was ‘Students’.

What is ‘Bindaas Googly’ about?  

The movie revolves around a gang of college students and their love for dance. This is the first time we are introducing a dance concept into the Kannada film industry. 

What is the significance of the title of the film? 

‘Bindaas Googly’ has two meanings we wish to convey through our film. First, I believe that a person who is gifted with a certain talent should have a happy-go-lucky attitude. One shouldn’t care about what others think and work confidently. Secondly, we picked Googly because we believe that miracles tend to take place in every teenager’s life.

Tell us about the team behind the making of the movie?

Vijay Kumar Star Productions has generously helped us with this project. At first, nobody was willing to listen to my script but Vijay Avnekar completely supported my project. The cinematography was done by Mathew Rajan, Vinu Manasu has composed the music and Venkatesh is the editor. The script was completed in six months. The shoot took 55 days.

Why have you chosen to make a youth-oriented film?

The audience that we are targeting is the youth. They enjoy films more than anything else. We are also trying to spread a message that talent is prevalent all around and if not nurtured appropriately, it will go wasted.

Tell us about the preparation?

There was a lot of preparation involved since it is a dance-based film. Intense dance practices and choreography took at least one month to complete since we are introducing new dance forms. The movie is incomparable to any other project because it offers something fresh and new. Our team worked hard and I can confidently say that it is a team effort.

What were some of the challenges that you faced during the making of the film?

The shoot was definitely challenging. We shot in Kerala and other places. We learnt a great deal from our shooting experience. We have attempted something different and we hope people will like it.