NGO recycles festival waste

NGO recycles festival waste

Festivals leave in their wake a lot waste. You can call Swaccha: they come to your door to collect dry waste.

Swaccha in one of their school workshops on waste segregation.

An NGO in Bengaluru is doing its bit to make Christmas more friendly to the environment. Swaccha is a seven-member group working towards preserving and protecting the environment. In association with BBMP, it was the first to set up a dry waste collection unit in the city.

Rajesh Babu

This festive season, Swaccha is offering to pick up garbage after the revelry.

“We segregate the waste at their source. We also separate the vegetable wastes. The dry waste is then compressed and the size is reduced. Later, the plastic is melted and turned into desired shapes.”

“Festivals are the peak time for waste collection. A lot of non-segregated waste is piled up the day after a festival. This is when we come into the picture,” says Rajesh Babu, co-founder, Swachha.

The NGO wants to raise awareness about waste segregation.

Here’s what you do: Segregate dry waste from wet waste and give Swachha a call. They reach you as soon as possible and collect the dry waste. They also reach places outside the BBMP coverage area.


‘Re-Tiles’ project

Re-Tiles or reusable tiles is a recent offering from Swaccha. It is a pavement tile made from waste plastic, collected from private and public places that usually end up in trash cans. The tiles are made from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene. They are waterproof, anti-microbial, stain-resistant and fire-retardant.


Plastic-free Christmas

Rajesh lists out things that can contribute to a plastic-free Christmas.

- Use reusable ribbons and tapes to decorate the Christmas tree.

- Borrow steel plates and cups from plate banks and avoid plastic.

- Segregate dry and wet waste.


Call for help

Swachha picks up dry festival waste from any location in Bengaluru. You can call them on 77955 71650.