No age for music

No age for music

No age for music

It’s always good to see fresh, young musical talents being given a chance to prove their skills to new crowds. And that’s exactly what happened at the Courtyard of Phoenix MarketCity recently when the budding ‘YF Band’ performed.

Comprising of a group of students from Hebron School, Ooty, who have all had extensive music training, the band loves to express their musical talent by experimenting with different genres and covering popular songs by artistes and bands that have influenced them.

Given that the musicians are from three different countries, makes it an even more enriching experience. The band comprises of vocalist Jack Trythall (UK), vocalist Simona Revabbaparu (USA) keyboardist Ine Lee (Korea), Joo Chan Lee on acoustic guitar (Korea), Samuel Lickiss on electric guitar (UK), bassist Joon Kim (Korea) and drummer Ha Kyeong Lee (Korea).

The band offered an interesting repertoire, which included popular rock songs as well as Christian compositions. Among the sing-along tunes were ‘Wonderwall’ by ‘Oasis’, ‘Chasing Cars’ by ‘Snow Patrol’ and ‘Breakeven’ by ‘The Script’. The Christian numbers included songs like ‘Happy Day’ by Tim Hughes and ‘Set A Fire’ by ‘United Pursuit Band’, which were all performed with dedication and excitement by the eleventh-standard and twelfth-standard students of the Ooty-based school.

“It was a really good experience for us because we’re used to doing school shows where the crowd is mainly full of energetic youngsters. At the mall, the crowd was different in terms of the age group. Plus, it was a shifting crowd and maybe about 40 to 50 people were there throughout. But they were very polite and cheered us on throughout,” said Jack Trythall, the band’s vocalist.

“We’re originally a Christian band and wanted to have fun with our set. That’s why we picked a mix of songs to perform, some of which really worked with the audience. It was a good opportunity for us to come down and share our music with new audience,” he added.

While the audience were surprised by the age of the performers, it was no doubt that they were left impressed. “I’m amazed at how young and good these kids are. I was out in the mall for some grocery shopping with my son and he dragged me to watch the band. It’s nice to know that there’s no age for music. The mall is a good place to have such events,” opined Malathi, an audience member.