Nutritionist says cancer, diabetes common in city

Nutritionist says cancer, diabetes common in city

Lifestyle expert Luke Coutinho tells you why these lifestylerelated diseases are on the rise

Luke Coutinho advocates a disciplined lifetsyle.

Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert and founder of RESET, Luke Coutinho feels many of the diseases like diabetes and cancer are triggered by a poor lifestyle. He advocates a balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep and a strong emotional health for a good life. In the city recently for an event, Luke talks to Metrolife about why it is important to stick to a disciplined routine.   

What are the two main lifestyle-related diseases that you find among Bengalureans? 
Diabetes and cancer are two main problems that I find among Bengalureans. While diabetes is triggered by poor lifestyle, a few cancer cases are genetic. But breast and pancreatic cancer are mostly related to lack of sleep and sedentary lifestyle. We are trying to use lifestyle as the drug to fix all these problems 

What are some of the corrective measures? 
We look at the problem holistically. We look at their nutrition, level of activity and movement and sleep pattern. We also look at how their emotion and mind works. We then tie the two together along with medication. We work with doctors and help patients alter their lifestyle. 

What age group is prone to such diseases?
Some of the cancer cases are in their early 20s. We see cardiovascular disease hit people in their early 30s. These two diseases are no longer related to age. 

Are people receptive to altering their lifestyle? 
We start making a change at a cellular level. The body immediately reacts in a positive way. For instance, if someone is deficient in water, we immediately an increased intake of fluids and if someone is found with a B12 deficiency then we get them to start on corrective measures almost immediately. When these are fixed, we see a tremendous improvement in the overall health of the patient. 

Does fast food culture contribute to the increase in numbers? 
Fast food has no nutrition value. It is made and designed to addict the eater’s mind and body. It sells because of its attractive packaging. Eating out frequently is one of the biggest issues that we have in our country.

Do you have a solution to help people get over their fast-food addiction?
We have to stick to food made at home. Eat out at a good restaurant. Choose a gourmet burger or pizza over a fast food international joint. Make sensible food choices. You don’t have to don’t have to change your entire lifestyle. 

Do you have your cheat days or do you stick to a disciplined routine?
I have always been disciplined because that is key to maintaining a good health, happy family and strengthening a relationship. I do have my cheat days, but I make sure I get back on track. You can have the best food in the world, but if you don’t have the discipline it is useless.