'Our music is powerful'

'Our music is powerful'

Tribute Band

'Our music is powerful'

Four musicians, who had individually been a part of different UK-based bands, found themselves at a crossroad in their life where they did not know the next step.

On an impulse, they decided to form a tribute band and the obvious choice that matched all their styles was ‘U2’. And in less than a few days, ‘Elevation - The U2 Experience’ was created in Liverpool’s already renowned music community.

“It’s universally appealing because the young and old like it. Plus, from a musical point of view, ‘U2’ is a three-piece band with bass, drum and guitar. It makes a really big sound for three and that’s what the biggest attraction was for us,” says guitarist Alan

They’ve been playing together for 12 years but each one agrees that the bond they share and the love for music never lets it feel redundant.

 “It doesn’t get boring because you can play the same set of songs but they’re never played the same. The energy is different with every set. As a singer, I’m listening to the lyrics. On different nights, for whatever reasons, different songs mean something else to me just because of the occasion,” notes vocalist Stuart Wilkinson, the Bono

“It’s all about performing live. Our music is powerful and there’s a passion with which we play. When you get the adrenaline flowing in your body to do a gig, that keeps you going,” says drummer Mark Roberts, while Alan adds, “boredom to me is a job that you don’t want to be doing. We all simply love doing this!”

Interestingly, they aren’t doing a tribute seeking recognition from the original band. “It would be amazing if we met ‘U2’. But we’re quite humble and know that what we do is play their music in our own way,” says Mark. “If we were to sit down in a room and have a drink with them, it would make for a very interesting conversation,” he laughs. Having composed original music in the past, the four confess that they sometimes miss those days.

“The originality is gone at the moment but we all still write. Since we started this, we’ve wanted to record our own stuff at the same time but got too busy,” says Tony Elliott, who plays bass. But he says there’s big news to be revealed. “Next year, we’re going to come out with our own original stuff as Amp Coil Gurus, which formerly focussed on covers,” he announces.

Stuart adds, “It could become a little hobby or something that becomes bigger than this. Either ways, it’s great to feed your soul and write your own music.”

Walking around the pothole-filled roads of Bangalore and getting drenched in the monsoon showers haven’t dampened their spirit. “It’s been an amazing experience and we’ve already gained so much in two days. People said it would be life-changing and in many ways, it will be because we’re too used to the UK. People here are welcoming, warm and courteous. The UK can learn a lot from India,” says Mark.

Tony laughs and adds, “It’s a culture shock for me. We got off the plane and saw bikers going between cars, cows on the street and people sitting on trees. I can’t get over it! The monsoon here is like coming out of the bath. You’re that soaked!”

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