Perfect blend of science and fun


Perfect blend of science and fun

The senior students of PES College of Pharmacy gave a warm welcome to the freshers at the freshers-cum-talents day programme held recently in the college. They made the freshers feel comfortable and at home.

The students were advised on various issues from taking the advice of parents seriously to taking criticism in the right sense. The youngsters were also told to devote at least 30 to 40 minutes a day to exercise and have home-cooked food.

Vidya S Hegde, a student, explained that the freshers-cum-talents day is a traditional function organised by the seniors of the college.

“This tradition has been going on for the past 11 years and it’s our way of welcoming freshers. We want them to feel at home. This function not only introduces the freshers but also provides a platform to them to exhibit their talent in a competitive way. We have several off stage and on stage events like quiz, solo dance, solo song, group song, fashion show, group dance and debate,” she explained.

Some of the off stage events, which were a part of the competition, required the participants to be creative. Events such as face painting, Ikebana, cooking without fire and ‘Pharmark’ were also a part of event. The striking colours and shades used in face painting, the freshness of flowers in the flower arrangement and the display of some appetising delicacies, were a real treat.

Along with this function, an exhibition was also organised in the campus. Pritorti, a student explained, that the idea behind the exhibition was to create awareness regarding the role of pharmacists in the community. 

Along with the exhibition, a lot of information was given on the hazards of smoking, home remedies for various diseases, synthetic approaches of drugs and ball-and-stick model of molecules of chemical substance. Many science students and visitors visited the exhibition.

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