‘Poco A Poco’ put on a hit show

‘Poco A Poco’ put on a hit show

One of the highlights of the performance included segments performed by children

‘Too good to be bathroom singers’ is what the audience agreed on after the performance of musical group ‘Poco A Poco’ last weekend at Alliance Francaise.

It was the first live act of ‘Poco A Poco’, an ensemble of a mix of people from various professions and fields who share a passion for music and performing. The group call themselves bathroom singers but their performance claimed otherwise.

Titled ‘Positive Vibes’, the group performed choral music of classic, traditional and folk songs. The charisma of the singers was much-appreciated as they kept the audience engaged with their energetic performance and subtle humour.

The show was directed by singer, pianist and voice teacher Shubira D’Sa. Talking to Metrolife, she says, “After being together for almost two years, we decided to do the show just eight months ago.”

She explains the reason for choosing a diverse list of songs, “We all have different styles and interests in music, and we wanted to have it all under one roof and cater to everybody’s taste. I had both a little girl and an old lady come up to me and say that they loved the show. That was the agenda; that’s the part that I really liked.”

Another highlight of the show is that it had a few segments performed by children.

“It started off with just us, and we thought why not children. Kids are cute and refreshing. It will give them exposure and is also an interesting change from the adults,” she says.

Shubira put together the talented young bunch of children who she met at
her workshop and while some of them are the children of the members of the group.

The group is also planning to make it an annual event. She shares, “We are talking about doing a couple more shows in Bengaluru, but not sure if we can accommodate it. Also, we are planning to take the same to Mangaluru.”

Shubira says that it wasn’t hard to train and direct a group of mostly amateur singers. “The group is committed and has the right attitude, and I could work magic with them,” she signs off.