Pradeep Varma plays multiple roles in thriller

Pradeep Varma plays multiple roles in thriller

The actor-music composer had to go through various physical transformations for Adachanegaagi Kshamisi.

'Adachanegaagi Kshamisi' is S Pradeep Varma's second film as an actor.

Actor-music composer S Pradeep Varma is back on screen with ‘Adachanegaagi Kshamisi’, a psychic thriller which released on Friday.

The film which is directed by Bharath Navunda, revolves around a boy who was brought up in a family without social graces, and unaware of what urbanites call manners.

Pradeep has explored multiple characters in the film. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he shares about his experience and journey in Sandalwood. 

Tell us about the film. 

‘Adachanegaagi Kshamisi’ is a thriller and aims to be different from any other film. It explores the struggles of a person trying to adjust in society, where he does not know how to live. The title means ‘Sorry for the interruption’ which refers to breaking a pattern. Usually, the audience tries to guess what is going to happen next in a thriller film but here things are different. The film has a reverse screenplay. 

 What roles do you play in the film?

I am portraying three starkly different characters in the film. I play a driver, a detective and my third role (which is the main character) cannot be revealed. It was quite challenging to work on the main character. 

What was most challenging about the film?

I went through various transformations while making the film. For one of my characters, I had to gain weight and for the other, I had to lose weight. I portray a very different look for the main role and it is very intense. I had to observe patients in NIMHANS and watched films like ‘Apthamitra’ (starring Vishnuvardhan) and Kiccha (Sudeep), to understand various behavioural patterns.

This is your second film as an actor-music composer. How different was it?

I acted and composed music for ‘Dumki Damaar’, which was released in 2017. But this film was a different journey. The schedule and roles were more intense; ‘Dumki Damaar’ was a fun and comedy film.

Was it difficult to manage the roles of an actor and music composer?

When I watched certain scenes of the film, I wasn’t sure how to work on the background score and music. There were many times when I was not satisfied with what I saw on screen and the music. I stepped back and looked at the film from a third-person perspective and kept telling myself that it was not me on the screen. There was a lot of editing and re-editing done. But this is my biggest plus point, I am probably the only artiste in Sandalwood who can do both these roles. 

What will make the film stand apart from a plethora of thriller movies made now?

This film is based on true incidents and will be relatable to everyone. The film carries a message in it; how a child’s raising can affect his or her character. Anyone who watches the film will be able to connect to the story. 

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