Reality show got me recognition: Rahul

Reality show got me recognition: Rahul

‘Mr India 2015-16’ first-runner-up Rahul Rajasekharan talks about what inspired him to foray into modelling and movies

Rahul Rajasekharan

They say destiny has different plans for everyone. I never set out to be model or an actor. I was working in a marketing and sales firm for three years. Work took up a lot of time but I never compromised on my fitness and sports. I was fit and many people asked me to try my hand at modelling.

I initially brushed it aside but when people repeatedly began pushing me, I started following models on Facebook and looking up stylebooks.

I got some portfolio pictures done and sent it out to a few casting directors and before I knew it, I got a call. My first big break was a Dell advertisement that eventually went on hoardings across the country. This was a big boost. I wanted to carry forward both my work and modelling but I realized that it was indeed hard to do so.
I chose to model and I don’t regret that decision because it has changed my life and given me a new perspective about many things.

My life changed when I auditioned for Mr India. There were many levels of auditions and I got past thousands of models to make it to the top slot of 15. After a gruelling training session, I was declared the first-runner in Mr India in 2015-16. I had competed with the best in the country, with each one being better than the other. This was an important milestone because it made me realise that you have to get out of your comfort zone, if you are out to achieve the impossible. You have to push your limits.

From there on, I began getting more shows and the tasks just got bigger and better.

My participation in a reality show called Minute to Minute, thanks to my father, got me more recognition. This paved the way for bigger platforms for me — perhaps the film industry. My transition was a slow but steady one. I learnt step by step and I value all the lessons that I have picked up en route to that learning.

I began as a model but now I’ve turned an actor as well. Movies turned out to be a bigger challenge where I had to live out a character for months together. There have been roles that are total opposite to what I am in real life. I am someone else every time, I sign a new project. I am enjoying every moment of what I am doing now, thanks to good friends and helpful people along the way.

While I wish to keep at acting, I would also like to groom youngsters into the world of modelling. I would like to teach them what I learnt that confidence and a good attitude are everything, without this you are nowhere.