Potter reprise is all about nostalgia

Potter reprise is all about nostalgia

The parallel universe of the magical world that JK Rowling gifted us 21 years ago continues to flourish. The proof was the premiere screening of 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' on Wednesday at IMAX Mantri Mall.

We had been shrieking with excitement since our tickets were booked for the film (we are in our 20s and 'responsible' adults until Harry Potter or JK Rowling is mentioned). On the big day, we wrapped up our work early, donned our Harry Potter T-shirts and necklaces and rushed to revisit our childhoods.

The theatre was packed with an audience like us -- visibly excited people sporting bright Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin T-shirts and merchandise. And guess what! There were hardly any teenagers, only squealing and excited adults who jumped at the sight of a young, dashing Albus Dumbledore and broke into applause when Hogwarts appeared on the screen.
"The American school of magic is terrible," a fan quipped. Few others, complete strangers, nodded in agreement. These were the children who grew up with Harry Potter and go back to being kids when anything connected to the Potter world makes an appearance.

It was as though the entire theatre was filled with friends, long lost but connected through the common thread of the Potter world. The interval during the film was a treat too. Complete strangers caught up and chatted about the movie in the washroom. They complimented each other's Potter collections and spoke about their childhood filled with Harry Potter.

Post-interval, the film became serious. On other occasions, if a neighbour or co-watcher speaks, discusses the film or even chews loudly, I am tempted to 'stupefy' them into silence. This time, however, the spirit of bonhomie was infectious. These people were fellow Potterheads! It naturally made me more tolerant and understanding. After all, they were discussing how unbelievable the plot twist was! I understand.

Be warned: Mild spoilers ahead!

The Crimes of Grindelwald was very exciting with so many revelations. We get to see Newt's brother, almost reminding us of Fred and George (maybe because we're trying to find a glimpse of the brothers everywhere). There are several scenes worth a mention here but the one that really blows your mind is when Credence breaks into his Obscurus. His frustration is clearly visible in the sheer intensity of the Obscurus.

Similarly, the concluding sequence will fill you with a number of emotions. You are filled with awe as Grindelwald predicts the future and gives a manipulative speech. The scene is gripping as one waits to see which of the characters will tumble over to his side.

The entire movie evoked goosebumps, gasps and 'awes' and left us with so many questions. So a handful of us stayed till the end of the credits to see if there was a surprise post-credit scene (Marvel has definitely spoiled us). "You don't want to take a chance, do you?" one fan said to another who was about to leave before the credits ended.

And between these conversations, new friends were made, selfies were taken and all the Potterheads continue to live happily ever after in a world of fantasy that has darkness, light, friendship, love and a glimmer of hope, which says that in the end, magic sets everything right.

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