Metrolife: Roshni has high hopes on ‘Kavalu Daari’

Metrolife: Roshni has high hopes on ‘Kavalu Daari’

Roshni Prakash

Roshni Prakash is all set to rule the screen with her latest project ‘Kavalu Daari’, where she is cast opposite actor Rishi. Noticed earlier for her roles in ‘Ajaraamara’ and ‘Tiger Galli’, the young artiste is excited that she will be seen in a serious role where she will be able to prove her skills. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about her role and more.

How is ‘Kavalu Daari’ progressing?

We wrapped up the shoot for the film last week. We shot for 60 days. The post-production work is going on. It was really exciting to meet and work with Anant Nag, Achyuta Kumar and Suman Ranganathan. 

Tell us about your role.

I play an independent lower-middle-class woman who takes care of her family. Whatever troubles she is going through, she covers them up and functions towards a respectful life.   

What about the role convinced you to take it up?

I believe in doing characters that speak for themselves rather than just be in a few scenes where I am romancing the hero or running around trees. No matter how small or elaborate the role is, if there is something in the role that convinces me, I do it. This was one such role and I have high hopes on it.

Tell us about the different things you remind yourself as an actor.

Every day when I head to the sets, I make sure that I have my game face on. I try to be my confident best and delve into the character, trying to understand what she might be thinking when she is eating or walking on the road. This helps me get the nuances of the role right. 

Have you ever faced any difficult circumstances as a newcomer?

As a fresh face, most actors end up interacting with filmmakers who ask for ‘a little compromise’ or to ‘be friendly’. I didn’t know about casting couch till I entered the film industry. I still remember being shocked when a filmmaker suggested something like this, I just shut myself up in a room and was in shock. I soon realised that staying quiet and hiding would not help the situation and started retorting.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I never go overboard with a role and try to keep it as realistic as possible. If I am playing a poor girl, I make sure that people are able to see only the role and not me in it. I want people to remember me for how natural my acting is. 

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