Savour sweets from Gujarat

Savour sweets from Gujarat

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pleased Hiren Vasu

Apart from selling an array of Indian sweets, the sweetmeat shop is largely known for its home-made Gujarati sweets and savouries.  The owner, Hiren Vasu, says that the store was started by his father J Prakash. And it was Prakash’s dream to bring in something different to the Bangalore market. “Those days, there were not many sweet stores making authentic Gujarati sweets and snacks. So when we started, our clientele mainly comprised Gujarati families in the area and gradually through word of mouth, more and more people took a liking for the various delicacies,” he explains.

So if one is looking for something more than just the usual gulab jamun, sohan papdi and kaju barfi, then ‘Jalaram Sweets’ is the place. A must-have here is the popular Gujarati sweet, mohanthal. Made out of besan and ghee and sugar syrup, this sweet is made specially during festivals.

“We get a lot of orders for this sweet. And since we make them ourselves and not in any factory, the taste is all the more authentic,” says Hiren. Another favourite here is chora fari. “This is a crispy savoury fried snack. The best part of this is that one can store this for at least two weeks without a worry,” says Hiren.  As for the savouries, they have many types of mixtures. The highlight is the popular tea-time snack that one can see in every Gujarati household – khakhra. They also have dhoklas, mathris, mini samosas, which they also call ‘cocktail samosas.

A unique snack that is available out here is the patrel. Made out of an edible leaf that has medicinal value, this dish is rarely made in the City, says Hiren. “That’s because this particular leaf is not commonly available here. We know someone who has a small farm, where he grows these leaves. We source it from him and prepare the snack,” adds Hiren.

Come as early as seven on a Sunday morning and the place is packed with people taking home freshly made papda, which goes well with long green chillies and spicy green chutney. “Sometimes, we also serve this with papitha (papaya) chutney. We also make hot jalebis, which is a fast-selling item on Sunday mornings,” he says.

Open on all days, from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm, and on Sundays, from 7 am to 3.30 pm, ‘Jalaram Sweets’ is located at 27th Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar. For details, call 22447956.