Scamper, the little ball of joy

Scamper, the little ball of joy

On December 25, when our family friends visited us, they had brought with them a small one-month-old Cocker Spaniel. My Christmas was spent playing with their little puppy, barely able to get his steps right. I knew right then that I needed that kind of happiness in my life too. I pestered my parents to get me a pup with a red bow around his neck. To my bad luck, my mom said an adamant ‘no!’

On the morning of December 31, 2012, we woke up to find a small little pup in the house, cuddled inside a tiny cardboard box, barely able to jump out of it. My mom told me that he was our family friends’ cocker spaniel, and added that, only if we could take care of him for a month would we get our own. However, she ultimately told us the truth. The pup was ours!

By then, the golden-brown fluff ball, barely able to stand, had crawled out of his box and was lying on floor flat, with a red bow tied around his neck and with eyes like black diamonds. I fell in love instantly.

From that day on, there has never been a day when I haven’t seen his face or spoken to him over the phone. If I or any other family member is out of the house, and the telephone rings, he runs instantly to the maid asking her to pick up the phone. He also sometimes expresses his anger at the phone by whining or barking. He is very alert and knows when we come; he is at the door before the maid even gets a hint of our arrival. He runs to the doors as soon as he hears the bell ring.

He has a tendency to pose for pictures. All we have to say is “Scamper, photo,” and he’d come running and pose like a supermodel. He is a very obedient boy and waits for his food. When he’s hungry, he sits near the stove slab and asks for food.

He has a habit of taking his blanket to sleep wherever he is. If he forgets it, he just needs a reminder “Scampy… get your blanky.” And off he hops to go find it.

Another funny attraction he has is towards tissue paper, cotton balls and ear buds. If he sniffs any one of these around himself, he needs to gobble it down. So when he’s on the prowl, we seldom get to throw our tissues in the right place.

Scamper is a pure joy around the house. A day without him feels lifeless. He loves to climb into my lap or shoulder and sleep. I am the only one he allows to pull tissues out of his mouth, even when he’s growling or in a bad mood. He loves to sleep on piles of clothes. He loves having a bath on warm days and detests it in winter.

Scamper will turn six on November 26. I love him for his unconditional love. No matter how bad my day is, he always puts a smile on my face. I drive 36 km from home to college each day so that I can see him each evening.

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