Serving Bengali cuisine with global influences

Serving Bengali cuisine with global influences

Vivekanand Park Ghooghni

What comes to your mind when you think of Bengali food? ‘Hilsa fish in mustard gravy’ or ‘Roshogolla’? Well, Bengali food is much more than just these.

With Durga Puja around the corner, ‘Monkey Bar’ is bringing a spread of local favourites to your plate as part of their Bengali street food festival, ‘Next Stop Kolkata’ which is on till October 21.

The menu also highlights the cultural influence of Awadhi, Tibetan, Chinese and British on Bengali cuisine. 

Head chef Dheeraj Varma and home chef Iti Misra have curated the menu, highlighting some of the most iconic lanes one of the most favourite street food destinations.

Start this nostalgic gastronomic journey with ‘Beadon Street Fish Roll’. The smoked ‘Bhetki’ fish stuffed with curried shrimps, breaded and fried, is served with the classic kasundi mustard dip. The combination of the fish roll and the dip is mouthwatering. It is definitely a good start to your meal.

If you are an egg person, you must try the ‘Girish Park-er Shoitan Deem’. The deep fried scotch egg, enveloped in shammi kebab mince will totally give you an ‘oh my God’ moment. The pickled onion served with it is an add-on.

When we talk about street food, a special mention goes to ‘Vardaan Market Moong Daal Pakodi Chaat’. Snack on the fried moong dal dumplings with the classic sweet and sour chutney, yogurt and crisp curry leaves. You can’t help but reach out for another spoonful. Don’t be guilty, we couldn’t resist too.

While you much in the starters, ask for a glass of ‘Piara Peara’, the tequila-based Tabasco-spiked guava juice. It is refreshing, perfectly balanced and definitely a personal favourite.
For the main course, ask for ‘Chitpur Road Chicken Rezala’. Rezala and Bengali cuisine go hand-in-hand. The white chicken curry with mild flavours of cashew and poppy seed paste is a nostalgic treat. Try this classic dish with the ‘teen kona porota’ (triangle parathas).

The ‘Vivekanand Park Ghooghni’ served with masala brioche is a favourite of Bengali and non-Bengalis alike.

If you are still in a mood to have another drink, go for the ‘Puchka Pani Capriojka’. This vodka-based drink has a fresh essence of fresh mint and lemon.

‘Esplanade Mughlai Porota’ served with ‘paanch phoron baby potatoes curry’ is mouthwatering and a definite must-try; grab it when it’s piping hot, it tastes better. 

The menu has a good spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, so you can enjoy the local favourites with much vigour. 

While you enjoy your hot favourites, try your hand at spotting the correct geographical locations of some of the iconic streets of Kolkata given on the paper table mats. 

Monkey Bar is located at 610, 12th Main Road, Opposite SBI, Indiranagar. For details, call 44114455.