Sharmila says no to Mammootty

Sharmila says no to Mammootty

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Sharmila says no to Mammootty

BUSY BEE: Sharmila MandreWith all the positive reviews about Kari Chirate one would expect Sharmila Mandre to be
extremely happy, but she is not.

Metrolife caught up with Sharmila, who has been suffering with a bad cold.

 “I can’t even enjoy the success of the film. I have been sick for a while now,” she says. But that is not the only reason why she is sad.

“I was recently approached by Abhaya Simha to play the lead role opposite Mammootty in Shikari. I had to turn down the offer because I didn’t have dates,” she explains.

Apparently, Sharmila had already given those dates to her first Tamil film Thillumullu, to be directed by Maadesh.

“We are going to London for shoot on September 18 and Abhay needed me for 20 days straight starting September 13. It was impossible for me to commit elsewhere. I wanted to be a part of Shikari and it would have been such a great opportunity to work opposite Mammootty,” she says and adds, “I still can’t believe I have rejected the film.

Opportunities like this don’t come very often but I am hoping that I will get to work with Mammootty again.”

There is also a buzz that she has been offered Rammi, an AMR Ramesh film (makers of Cyanide).

Metrolife got in touch with Ramesh who agreed that he had offered the film to Sharmila as he feels she will fit the bill perfectly.

“This film too will be based on a real story based in the City. I don’t want to give too many details but I know people will be interested as it is a hot topic right now,” he reveals.

Says Sharmila, “I am very excited about the film, things are yet to be finalised. The story is great and I am looking forward to working with Ramesh. Since the film is going on floors in October, I have time to complete my Tamil film and then move on to this one.”

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