Metro People: She started painting at age 6

Metro People: She started painting at age 6

Anandita Sudarshan

Eighteen-year-old Anandita Sudarshan, visual arts student from the city, is showcasing her artworks for the first time at a public art exhibition.

“Having been fascinated by paints and colours, I took to arts at an early age of six,” she says.

Talking to Metrolife, Anandita shares her thoughts on how art can bring out a change in people’s lives.

She says that visual arts have helped her conceive things better. Adding that visual arts are an add on to her painting skills, she says, “As we study art history, printmaking,

cinema, and many other visual aspects, our creativity knows no bounds.”

As a part of her course curriculum, she and her schoolmates have their artworks on display. All of Anandita’s paintings are intense with each of them conveying a message. She says that she expresses her feelings through her artworks. “Most of the artworks are my interpretations of the happenings around me,” she explains.

Having chosen ‘Morality’ as the theme for her paintings, she says, “Moral values are getting degraded in our society, in recent times. My artworks take a look at our society from the time of renaissance and compare it to Indian mythology and the present times.”

The 18-year-old has also tried her hand at many other art styles like Linocut, Stipling and more.