Shouldn’t compromise on story, says debutant director

Shouldn’t compromise on story, says debutant director

Utsav Prakash

Newbie, Utsav Prakash, will soon debut as a director and an actor with his first feature film ‘Secrets’. In a conversation with Malini Raghu, he gets real about the struggles of releasing a film. 

“I am an outsider. I don’t have any connections here. It took me over 18 months to write the script. I approached the producers based on the short-films I had done. I narrated the story, but they felt it lacked a commercial element,” shares Utsav.

He further adds, “They were looking for something that attracts the masses to the theatres. I had another story in mind, but I pursued this since I like the drama genre personally. They were scared of the returns. I spent 6 to 7 months searching for producers.”

‘Secrets’ is a drama engulfing interrelated characters in search of love, trust and acceptance in complex relationships. The story is inspired by an article he read in DH on the limit of abortion on 26 August 2015. It spiked his curiosity to find out more on the subject.

“The film is in its last stage. It is a struggle getting it out there because there are no recognised faces, only newcomers,” shares Utsav.

Utsav started off by making short films. One of which, ‘The Surrogate’, was featured at the ‘Bangalore Short Film Festival’. He also reveals that it took him 3 years to reach where he is now. Self-made people like Ranveer Singh and Virat Kohli are his inspiration.

Commenting on the bias in the film industry, he says “There is a bias to an extent. The star kids get a better launch, and they can choose what they want. But, again they have to prove themselves as being a star kid doesn’t help beyond the first film; only the first step is easier.”

When questioned about the audience’s preference for commercial films over drama, he says that he wouldn’t compromise his story for entertainment. “I want to tell stories and also entertain people. But, you shouldn’t have a comedy or song sequence just for the sake of it. Every scene should add to the story,” Utsav signs off.

‘Secrets’ features theatre actors like Spoorthi Gumaste, Kushal B K, Nisha B R and Sowmya Gangatkar in lead roles.