Metrolife: Skype, the belled Chihuahua

Metrolife: Skype, the belled Chihuahua

After my niece Reshma got married and left in 2010, my nephew Yash started missing her immensely. We decided to mitigate this vacuum by getting a new member into the family; a loving pet. Our search for a small breed dog led us to a two-month-old Chihuahua in 2012.

I remember the first time we saw him. We were at the kennel to see the litter when this little fellow toddled up to Yash, as though there was some unknown connect with him. Yash took an instant liking to him and said that he had found the right pet for the house.

We decided to name him Skype, after the communication tool for free calls and chats. We felt that this would be an apt name for our teeny weeny canine who calls for our attention and chats with us with knowing looks and nods, just as if he is following our conversation like a normal human being.

 Initially, Skype would get lost under the beds, sofas and cupboards, since our house was a new environment for him. We would then have a hard time finding him.

To solve this problem, my brother made him wear a small bell, which made it must easier to locate him henceforth.

Skype is quite knowledgeable. Whenever Yash picks up his bag to go for work, the Chihuahua would understand and bark his goodbye, this has become his habit with all of us now. He can identify as to who is going out of station and when that person returns, he greets them with loud barks and enthusiastic jumps. His yelping is put to rest only after we bring out a toy, something we usually buy for him on all our trips.

His mornings begin with my brother — Skype sits under his chair as he sips his morning tea. Once he is ready to leave for work, Skype spends time with my sister-in-law, followed by me and then Yash. It’s a routine that he religiously follows.

 He keeps himself entertained with his toys but the moment I pick his leash, he knows it is time for his evening walk. For his puny size, he struts like a lion, with friendly barks to a few of his fuzzy friends and snarls at those canines who have not yet befriended him. He also loves to go on drives with us and jumps into the car everytime we are ready to head out. If we say he is not accompanying us, he hops on to the window ledge and sulks like a baby.

Dogs are great sniffers and Skype is no exception; the aroma of boiled egg, ice creams or cakes and bagels stir him out of slumber or draw him from any corner of the house. It is impossible for one to take a bit of these things without sharing them with Skype first.

I was never a great dog lover myself, but ever since Skype became a part of the family, our entire routine revolves around him. He is our stress buster who drives us crazy yet loves us madly at the same time.

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