Sneha is excited about ‘Dandupalyam 4’

Sneha is excited about ‘Dandupalyam 4’

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Sneha NairImage courtesy: Artist

Sneha Nair is on an experimental verge. While many of her peers advised her against the idea, she has taken up a challenging project ‘Dandupalyam 4’. The actor, who will be playing a gang member, finds the whole process intriguing. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her role.

Tell us about the different films you are in now.

‘Rajveera’ is undergoing post-production. I play a trainee cop in it and am excited about my presence there. In ‘Dandupalyam 4’, I play Manji, a member of Suman Ranganathan’s gang. We have done 15 days of shoot and there is a month more of shoot left. 

Did you face any challenges?

It is quite a task to portray the role. We are in ugly attires and sporting no-makeup looks to do justice to our characters. To be seen in a deglamourous role at such a nascent point in my career could be a risk, but I am all up for it. The biggest challenge though was to smoke beedis, which wasn’t easy. It leaves an aftertaste which can be quite horrible. 

What homework did you do for your role?

The team and I had a month of intense workshops for the role. The whole team used to practice day and night. My character is not like any other, I had to completely change my body language. The movie requires each one of us to change the way we walk, talk and even express through our eyes. We don’t have too many dialogues in the movie, we have to reach out to the audience through our expressions.  

Any interesting moments from the set?

We were shooting a scene where we loot a house and are rushing out of the place. While the outside shot was being done, our direction department was stopping traffic and we headed out, everyone on the roads was shocked while looking at us. We really looked like scary.

How does it feel to do such a dark role?

I was warned by many about taking the role up but I took it up as a challenge as I feel that breaking the pattern is what an actor must keep doing. Challenging yourself as an artiste is the way to grow. I only hope that people do not compare the film with its earlier versions. This film is an entirely different entity.

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