Stay fashionable through the year

Stay fashionable through the year

A quarter of the year left, and the fashionistas in us are naturally panicking about the next fashion trends to try to live up to. With 2019 on the way, we are certainly on the watch out for any fashion staple to have for the upcoming year.

Similarly, out of this habit of looking out for fashion trends year after year, there are already some fashion tips that apply every year regardless of the season.

You see, for people who love to sew, it’s easy to get lost in our creativity and experiment with various clothing styles, without realising that we might already be committing a fashion mistake.

To help you stay fashionable year after year, here are a few tips for all time.

Keep outdated pieces

This is a common mistake. To accommodate more things in a room, we let go of older pieces. The thing is fashion trends are basically cyclical, which means some of the fashion pieces from years ago can become fashionable again in the recent times. So make sure to keep few outdated pieces in your closet, since you’ll never know when they’ll be hot in the fashion market, again.

Spice it up by adding new elements to your usual style

Friends would find an outfit and readily associate it with you. This is true, through time, there is a certain image that we are able to build of ourselves that sticks to the people around us.

However, if you want your current fashion style to look more interesting and edgy, take the risk of adding few elements that are not usually associated with you. Of course, you can always match this with your usual fashion choices.

Black will always be classic

I am assuming here that you already have a little black dress. But there’s also one underrated pair involving black clothing, and that’s pairing it with navy. It always works! And if anyone would try to tell you otherwise, don’t listen to them. The catch? Make sure to have a reliable navy apparel in your closet to spice your black outfit a bit. 

Do not chuck your blue denims

I think its sinful to let go of any 100 percent cotton denims unless your denims are suffering from a bad case of chub rub or you’ve got paint on them that’s not in a very fashionable area. Classic blue denims in any cut, even bell-bottoms, are a cyclic trend. We’ve been guilty of holding on to denims for a decade only to realise they are back in style in 2018. What fun!  

Winter wonderland

Winter ensembles are another thing to hold on to. Sweaters, bomber jackets, trenches will always have an opportunity to be worn. Pair them up with trending accessories like a cute bag or a scarf and you are good to go. Same goes for winter boots and the likes.

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