Students focus on mental health

Students focus on mental health

Students of Montfort College holding banners about suicide prevention near MG Road Metro Station.

On the account of ‘World Mental health day’ on October 10 and ‘World Suicide
Prevention week’ (which was observed in September), students and teachers of Sampurna Montfort College took to the streets of Bengaluru on October 6, creating awareness about the same with a silent rally and talking to people on their way.
The students handed out cards which had positive thoughts along with their college helpline number. The college has also planned to showcase a dance drama and screen documentaries related to suicide prevention in schools and colleges, in the coming weeks.

“Failure and abusive thoughts are prone to suicidal thoughts when one fails to communicate them with their friends and family,” says Arpitha, mentor of 1st year Counselling Psychology, Sampoorna Montfort College.

“Recognising these suicidal symptoms at an earlier stage will help in providing them with the necessary guidance. We at Montfort have a counselling centre where people can reach us and discuss their problems. Counselling is given for free,” she adds.

“Our aim is to influence people and encourage them to curb suicidal thoughts. Each individual is different in their own way. If we are able to influence at least one or two people, our mission will be accomplished,” says Aishwarya Talanki, student, 1st year MSc, counselling psychology.

“I’m proud of all my fellow classmates who came today to spread awareness about suicide prevention. Being psychology students it becomes our duty to talk to people and keep them aware about the fatal consequences,” says Soorya Nair, student, 1st year MSc Psychology.

The college also arranged an open mic in their campus where experts from different walks of life spoke to the students about the values of life and suicide prevention through music and poetry.

Students of Montfort also spoke to their fellow mates creating awareness about suicide prevention.

Montfort helpline number: 25285555