Suraj Mani concert for mental health

Suraj Mani concert for mental health

Suraj Mani, based in Bengaluru, is a rock singer and songwriter.

Singer-songwriter Suraj Mani and his ensemble ‘Suraj Mani & The Tattva trip’ present ‘Mindstreet’ in the city today. The unique musical aims to promote the importance of a healthy mind. Written, produced and directed by Suraj Mani, known for his unconventional takes on music, ‘Mindstreet’ will comprise a series of performances that will take the audiences a trip down their mindstreet. Along with dance performances and an elaborate stage set up with 3D mapping, there will be 13 songs where each melody has been specially curated to reflect the various aspects of life. Rajitha Menon finds out more.

What is the concept of Mindstreet?

It is a musical aimed at transformation of the audience. It involves music, dancing and animation and shows a mythical traveller moving through time and space. 

What inspired you to come up with a concept like this?

I have always been interested in transformation so it was the natural fruitation of a lifelong passion. Sometimes life is not easy — you can either complain about it or choose to look at it differently. I choose to do the latter and wanted to help people do the same.

How were the songs for Mindstreet composed?

I picked out some songs which I had already written and which were topically matching with the concept and connected them to the musical.

What do you hope the audience will take away from the show?

I hope that they will take away a perspective because sometimes that is all you need.

Most of us get stuck because we approach life from one perspective, which is ours. Through the mythical traveller, I am giving them a tool to approach life. 

Generally, what is your method of composing a song?

For me, every song is based on a ‘tattva’, or a principle or a key emotion and the process involves aligning my thoughts around it.

If I think something is beautiful, I typically write a song about it. If I find a situation that is not beautiful, I try and approach it from an angle that makes it beautiful and write a song accordingly.

Any other new projects?

I am always writing new music. Life is full of problems — some of us go see a psychologist to resolve these while others can write a song and get away with that (laughs).  (The event will be held on December 22 at Conrad Bengaluru, MG Road. The event is free but for limited audience. For passes, call 96208 88532