Tales of five furry friends

Tales of five furry friends

Brownie and the author.

The joy and satisfaction of having a pet at home is something that you can only feel by nurturing and growing up with a pet. My chance to have a pet came in 2006 when my mom brought a cute little puppy from the road along with vegetables in a basket.

We named him Brownie, and within no time he had become our world and all his antics only made our days better. Here started our journey of having pets at home; we were no more scared to hold puppies, feed them or take care of them.

While Brownie was taking all the attention, my mom used to take care of another street dog near our house. We moved out of that house after my
marriage and we realised there was no one to take care of her after that.

We decided to take her home and we named her Lisa. She sat like a queen in the auto and came to our house when she was nine years old. Later, she gave birth to two puppies out of which we kept the female puppy to ourselves and called her
Pepper. Thus, we had three pets at home.

Over the years Pepper gave birth to puppies out of which we retained one female puppy (Poopy) and later adopted another female dog (Chutki) which was abandoned.

While we lost Chutki and Lisa, the remaining three continue to spread joy in our life. It is disheartening to know that most of the people don’t adopt female dogs. They are as fun as their male counterparts.

I have had the privilege of taking care of four female dogs and I vouch that they are no trouble.

While good breeds carry a lot of demand, there are very few who pick puppies from road and give them a home.

All dogs are sweet, caring and loving. They have the capability to bring happiness in your life, no matter what.

I would encourage all the youngsters to adopt at least one stray puppy or dog and make a difference in its life.

I can’t live without my dogs; my day doesn’t start without seeing them and doesn’t end without kissing them good night.

I thank god for making this happen and giving us the idea to adopt a puppy.

This went a long way in ensuring that we were able to give a better life for four more dogs.