‘Thayige...’ talks of power, money

‘Thayige...’ talks of power, money

Ajai Rao ans Sumalatha play the lead roles in 'Thayige Thakka Maga',

Filmmaker Shashank’s works have always mirrored the problems in the society and struck a chord with his audience.

Shashank’s latest venture, ‘Thayige Thakka Maga’, has been inspired by true incidents. It dwells on how money and power are used to carry out illegal activities.  “The spotlight is on a politician and his son and how arrogance and money are used to corner wealth and suppress the poor. We are seeing such incidents happen in society and  I was sure my audience can relate to the incidents shown in the movie,” explains Shashank.  

The director says that he couldn’t think of a better combination than Sumalatha and Ajai Rao to play the role of mother and son. “The idea of working on a story around a mother and son dawned on me after I saw the rapport Ajai shares with his mother in real. He is very close to his mother and I thought that he would be apt to play this role. Sumalatha had everything that I was looking for in the role of a mother. She is charismatic, strong and affectionate,”  says Shashank.   

He says the contrast between the characters of the mother and son is something to watch out for. “As a lawyer, Sumalatha believes in doing what is legally right. Ajai too follows his mother’s ideas but can’t help but react to the injustice around him. He reacts to them, unmindful of the consequences,” he adds. His short temper lands him in a lot of trouble, says Shashank. He points out that their ideologies and strong personalities perfectly blend. 

The director also points out that music is an integral part of the film. “None of the songs are independent. They do well to take the story to the next level. There are five songs in the film. I have written three, Jayant Kaikini has penned one and the last one is written by a newcomer Raghavendra,” informs Shashank. 

 The director says that he not only wants to entertain the audience but also make sure that they carry home a message. “I am particular that my films provide some food for thought,” he adds. He also informs that the characters surely reflect the emotions of the ordinary citizens. “Citizens are definitely angry with the system and most don’t agree with what’s happening. Some suppress it, other react. We have, in our film, both these characters. The message is that truth cannot be suppressed for too long and that it will come out in one form or the other,” he concludes.   

Tribute to 1978 Rajkumar movie

On his movie bearing the title of Rajkumar”s yesteryear blockbuster Thayige Thakka Maga, Shashank admits to borrowing the title after getting permission from the Rajkumar family.

“I found the title suitable for my film’s content because it is about a son following his mother’s ideology. Repeating the Rajkumar film title is an added bonus to us and also a tribute to his movie,” says Shashank.